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   Weigel, Josef, 1948-
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   Deformation analysis of the upper part of the Earth crust in the Śnieżnik Massif (Polish and Czech sides between 1993 and 2003)
   Geodetic and geophysical analyses of Diendorf-Čebín tectonic zone
   Geological constraints on the GPS and precice [i.e. precise] levelling measurements along the Diendorf-Čebín tectonic zone
   Impact of some site dependent factors on GPS displacement monitoring
   Long-term positional monitoring of station VYHL of the Sněžník Network
   Movement tendencies in the Moravia region: kinematical model
   New velocity analysis in geodynamic network Sněžník based on GNSS measurement reprocessing using reprocessed IGS products
   On GPS heighting in local networks
   Quasigeoids for the territory of the Czech Republic
   Recent geodetic activities of Brno University of Technology in Sudety Mts. region
   Recent local geodynamics in the central part of the Stołowe Mts.
   Results of four years monitoring of displacements of rock blocks in the Krkonoše Mts.