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   Weiss, Z.
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   Clay Minerals - humic acid systems:Cu(II) sorption studied by means of modified electrodes
   Cs-tetra-ferri-annite:High pressure and high-temperature behavior of a potentional nuclear waste disposal phase
   Dehydration and rehydration of natural Mg-vermiculite
   Ecologically acceptable utilisation of domestic coal resource
   Humic Acids sorption onto the clay minerals: influences on the clays-metals interactions
   Interactions of Cu(2) with montmorillonite-humic acid system studied by means of modified carbon paste electrodes
   Ion exchange reactions of zinc and cadmium with Na-montmorillonite
   Mica phases suistable for fixation of radionuclides of cesium and rubidium
   Modified electrodes:sorption of Cu(II) on Montmorillonite-humic acid system
   Synthesis and crystal structure of the feldspathoid CsAlSiO4: An open-framework silicate and potentil nuclear waste disposal pahse