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   Weiss, Zdeněk
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   Almandine-pyrope-grossular garnets : A method for estimating their composition using X-ray powder diffraction patterns
   Arsenic in iron disulfides in a brown coal from the North Bohemian Basin, Czech Republic
   Calculated and experimental X-ray diffraction patterns by transmission powder method
   Characterization of intercalated smectites using XRD profile analysis in the low-angle region
   Clay minerals - humic acid systems: Cu(II) sorption studied by means of modified electrodes
   Coals from the Ostrava-Karviná Mining District (OKD) and Preconditions of Their Application in Processes of Clean Coal Technology. Part 2, Chemical Composition of the Inorganic Matter of the OKD Coal and its Changes during Laboratory Combustion of Seam Samples of OKD Coals
   Contribution to the evaluation of leaching from ash
   Coordination polyhedra in natrolite-type zeolite structures
   Crystal structures of two synthetic ferruginous cesium micas: crystal chemistry and implications for refinement techniques
   Cs-ferriannite as a possible host for waste cesium: crystal structure and synthesis
   Cs-tetra-ferri-annite: High-pressure and high-temperature behaviour of a potential nuclear waste disposal phase
   Deformation of coordination polyhedra and their sheets in phyllosilicates
   Dehydration and rehydration of natural Mg-vermiculite
   Distortions of coordination polyhedra in phyllosilicates and their influence on the diffraction pattern
   Ecologically Acceptable Utilisation of Domestic Coal Resources
   The effect of coal combustion temperature on mineralogical composition and content of residual trace elements in ash
   Effect of stacking disorder on the profile of the powder diffraction line
   Ekologicky přijatelné využití černého uhlí
   Ekologicky přijatelné využití domácích uhelných zdrojů
   Environmentally acceptable utilization of hard coal
   Hydrothermal synthesis of Cs-Fe trioctahedral ferruginous micas
   Intercalation of Na-montmorillonite with tetraalkyl-(aryl) ammonium cations
   Interpretation of Chemical Composition and X-Ray Diffraction Patterns of Chlorites
   Ion exchange reactions of zinc and cadmium with Na-montmorillonite
   Kaolins: computer-aided X-ray quantitative phase analysis
   Komplexní mineralogická analýza tonsteinů z vybraných uhelných slojí ostravsko-karvinského revíru
   Krystalochemie slíd a deformace jejich krystalových struktur
   Layer structure factor and profile analysis in the low-angle region of the powder XRD of clays
   Modified clays and their utilization for immobilization the waste materials from water solution
   Modified electrodes: Sorption of Cu (II) on montmorillonite-humic acid system
   Molecular modelling on intercalated clay minerals
   Molecular simulations of montmorillonite intercalated with aluminium compley cations. Part I.: Intercalation with /Al13 O4 (OH)24+x(H2O)12-x/ (7-x)+
   Molecular simulations of montmorillonite intercalated with aluminium compley cations. Part II.: Intercalation with Al(OH)3 - fragment polymers
   Molecular simulations of the montmorillonite structure intercalated with aluminium complex cations
   Možnosti RTG difrakce při analýze pevných emisí
   Muscovites: d060 versus d331, 060 spacing: its use for geobarometric purpose
   Nomenclature of the micas
   Nomenclature of the micas
   Nomenclature of the micas
   Octahedral and tetrahedral sheets in micas : A review of refined structures
   Počítačové modelování RTG difrakčních záznamů
   Polytypism and geometry of O-h...O bonds in 1:1 phyllosilicates
   Pressure induced phase transition in synthetic trioctahedral Rb-mica
   Problematika klasifikace a identifikace tonsteinů
   Quantitative mineralogical analysis of Carboniferous sedimentary rocks
   Refinement of the crystal structure of cronstedtite-3T
   Refinement of the crystal structure of cronstedtite 3T
   Refinement of the crystal structure of zinnwaldite 2M1
   Refinement of the crystal structures of two "protolithionites"
   Refinement of the structure of "protolithionite" 3T
   Rietveld refinement of cassiterite: a caveat for meticulous sample preparation
   Sorpce těžkých kovů na jílové minerály
   Srážení a identifikace nerozpustných síranů
   Typomorphism of biotites from the crystalline complex of Desná area
   Uhelné tonsteiny a další tufogenní horniny jako významné korelační horizonty v čs. části hornoslezské pánve
   An unified classification and X-ray identification of polytypes of 2:1 sheet silicates
   Využití výpočetních metod v rentgenografii minerálů
   Water leaching of cesium from selected caesium mineral analogues
   XRD profile analysis of intercalated montmorillonites
   XRD profile analysis of intercalated montmorillonites
   Zirkon v uhelných tonsteinech ostravsko-karvinského revíru