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   Weiss, Zdeněk, 1942-
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   Ash characteristic in co-combustion of coal with wood residue, sewage sludge and municipal waste
   Determination of cuttability of coal measures rocks using their mineralogical and petrographical analyses
   The influence of the hydration changes on the structure of vermiculites
   Koordinační polyedry ve strukturách zeolitů skupiny natrolitu
   Modelling of the theoretical X-ray diffraction patterns of the polytype structures of chlorite and vermiculite
   Polytypism of pyrophyllite and talc. Part I, OD interpretation and MDO polytipes
   Polytypism of pyrophyllite and talc. Part II, classification and X-Ray identification of MDO polytypes
   Study of organically modified clays : molecular modelling and experiment
   Synthesis and crystal structure of the feldspathoid CsAlSiO4: An open-framework silicate and potential nuclear waste disposal phase
   Water leaching of alkaline metals, Al and Si from selected aluminosilicates
   Water leaching of cesium from selected cesium mineral analogues
   XRD analysis and modelling of Na-montmorillonite intercalated with octadecylamine