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   Wieder, R. Kelman
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   200 Years of Pb Deposition throughout the Czech Republic: Patterns and Sources
   Annual rates of sulphur removal from subsurface layers of freshwater peats: a minimum estimate using 210 Pb chronology
   Biogeochemical processes during the treatment of acid mine drainage: The Kentucky wetland project
   The fate and stability of peatland sulfur stores as determined through stable sulfur isotopes and a transplant experiment
   Global climate change and peatland carbon balance: An overview
   Historical rates of atmospheric Pb deposition using 210 Pb dated peat cores: corroboration, computation, and interpretation
   Historical rates of Pb deposition using Pb-210 dated Sphagnum peat cores: acid-insoluble ash as a corroborative and interpretive tool
   Inorganic and organic sulfur profiles in nine Sphagnum peat bogs in the United States and Czechoslovakia
   Lead, zinc and copper deposition over the past 200 years for eight sites spanning a pollution gradient in the Czech Republic
   Mobility of Pb in Sphagnum-derived peat
   Mobility of sulfur during early diagenesis of freshwater peats
   Origin of Lead in Eight Central European Peat Bogs Determined from Isotope Rations, Strengths, and Operation Times of Regional Pollution Sources
   Rates of peat accumulation over the past 200 years in five Sphagnum-dominated peatlands in the United States
   Sulfur during early diagenesis in Sphagnum peat: Insights from delta-34S ratio profiles in 210Pb-dated peat cores
   Sulfur mobility in peat
   Sulphur depth profiles and stable sulphur isotope ratios in cores from nine Sphagnum-derived peat deposits in the United States and the Czech Republic
   Sulphur diagenesis in freshwater peatlands