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    Cenomanian-Turonian coastal record in SW Utah, U.S.A.: orbital-scale transgressive-regressive events during oceanic anoxic event II
    The Cycle of 2402 Years in Solar Motion and its Response in Proxy Records
    Miocene Central Paratethys stratigraphy - current status and future directions
    Pedosedimentary evolution of the last interglacial and early glacial sequence in the European loess belt from Belgium to central Russia
    Phase-lagged amplitude modulation of hemipelagic cycles: A potential tool for recognition and analysis of sea-level change
    A possible role of the solar inertial motion in climatic changes
    Record of sea-level change in hemipelagic strata: insights from 2D numerical modeling
    Tajemný cyklus biodiverzity
    Vliv klimatu na vývoj různých typů svahových pohybů
    Zelená a hnědá Sahara : klima, mýtus svobody a islamizace Evropy