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    měření seizmické
    Active tectonic structures in the W part of Slovenia - setting of micro-deformation monitoring net
    The actual geodynamic situation in the eastern part of the Cheb basin from the view of mantle derived fluids
    Amplitude response of a LCR gravimeter with feedback at periods of microseisms and earthquake waves
    Amplitude spectra of surface waves generated by shot-hole explosions
    Analyses of Acoustic Emission and Underground Tremor Time Series from Rockburst Hazardous Areas of Ostrava-Karviná Mines
    Analysis of factors forming the groundwater regime in the West Bohemian seismoactive region
    Analysis of seismicity of Western Bohemian earthquake swarm areas
    Analysis of state of stress during the 1997 earthquake swarm in Western Bohemia
    Anisotropy of seismic waves in the uppermost part of the Earth crust
    Anomalous propagation of refracted waves beneath the Orlík water reservoir, Czech Republic
    Application of geophysical methods in the study of landslide movements, taking into account geological conditions in the Sudety Mountains
    Brunovistulian Terrane - Synthesis of Morphostructural Analysis and Geophysical Data (Moravo-Silesian Area, Czech Republic)
    Cenozoic volcanism in the Bohemian Massif
    Changes in the frequency-energy distribution of seismic events during mining in the Ostrava-Karviná Coal Field
    Comment on the "Analysis of the state of stress during the 1997 earthquake swarm in Western Bohemia" by A. Slancová and J. Horálek
    Comparison of absolute and relative moment tensor solutions fro the January 1997 West Bohemia earthquake swarm
    Comparison of field and laboratory seismic velocity anisotropy measurement (scaling factor)
    Comprehensive geophysical research of the seismogenic western part of the Bohemian Massif
    Compression of earthquake records using wavelet transform
    Contribution of local seismic networks to the regional velocity model of the Bohemian Massif
    Contribution of the Institute of Geonics of the ASCR Ostrava to seismological monitoring in Silesia and northern Moravia
    A contribution to discussion on lower limitation of energy-frequency distribution
    Contribution to experimental geomechanical and seismological measurements in the Jeroným Mine
    The crust-mantle transition zone (Moho) beneath the swarm-earthquake area Vogtland/NW-Bohemia in the light of diffrent seismic methods
    Crustal structure at the western edge of the Bohemian Massif in the light of different seismic methods
    Crustal structure of the NE Bohemian Massif (Sudetes) - A teleseismic receiver function study
    Crustal structures and tectonic processes in the Eastern Alps revealed by recent controlled source seismic experiments
    Data transmission from seismic stations via network AGNES using GSM-GPRS technology
    The deep crustal and upper mantle structure the Bohemian Massif as seen by receiver functions
    Deep crustal temperature along the central segment of the EGT
    Definition of delta Body in Northern Closure of the Vienna Basin (Sarmatian, Czech Republic)
    Deformation and seismic properties of crustal rocks
    Deformation trends in the Jezeří Castle massif, Krušné Hory Mts.
    Depositional and hydrocarbon habitats of the Guyana passive margin - preliminary results
    Description of seismic excitation for the aim of safety assessment of structures
    Deskově tektonická interpretace moravských a slezských variscid
    Detection of the origin time and seismic ground motion of quarry blasts
    Determination of correct time of quarry blasts and properties of surrounding rock for measurement on seismic profiles
    Determination of seismograph system transfer functions by inversion of transient and steady-state calibration responses
    Determining a 1-D velocity model of the uppermost crust from P and S arrival times using the neighbourhood algorithm: synthetic test
    Differences in the lithospheric structure of the Bohemian Massif from teleseismic receiver functions
    Direct field measurements of contemporary movements on tectonic structures
    Discovery of fluid conduits in the seismically active Počátky-Plesná fault zone (western Eger Rift, Czech Republic) : results and hazard potential
    Displaying 3-D objects in seismology using PEX library
    Důlní indukované geodynamické jevy
    Důlní indukované seizmické děje
    Earthquake swarms and accompanying phenomena in intraplate regions: a review
    Earthquake Swarms in the Major Focal Zone of the West Bohemia/Vogtland Seismoactive Region
    Earthquakes in the Czech Republic and surrounding regions in 1995-1999
    Earthquakes in the Northeastern Part of the Bohemian Massif Recorded by the MORC Station during the Period October 1994-March 1995
    Earthquakes on the Eastern Margin of the Bohemian Massif Recorded by the stations of the IPE Brno
    The effect of mining activity on the occurrence of mining tremors in the safety shaft pillar of the Kladno-Mayrau coal mine
    Efficiency of individual CRL stations in seismic monitoring of the western Gulf of Corinth
    Ekologie při těžbě nerostných surovin pomocí trhacích prací
    Engineering seismology and geological aplications
    Experimental determination of acceleration decay of seismic vibrations in the Bohemian Massif
    Experimentally determined P-wave velocity anisotropy for rocks related to the Western Bohemia seismoactive region
    Exploration works in the Rosice - Oslavany Basin.
    First results of hydrogeochemical measurements in the Soos Area, Czech Republic
    First steps for monitoring on possibly active fault zone in East Rhodopes, Bulgaria
    Focal mechanism and source parameters of the rockbursts in Upper Silesian Coal Basin
    Fosilní říční síť na svrchu slánského souvrství v mšensko-roudnické pánvi
    Frenštát seismic network and its contribution to observations of the natural and induced seismicity on the territory of Northern Moravia and Silesia
    Fundamental mobility trends in the northern part of the Moravo-Silesian zone (the Bohemian Massif) - a complex geodynamic analysis
    Geodynamic evolution of the western part of the Carpathian Foredeep
    Geodynamic model of the contact area of the contact area of the Bohemian Massif and West Carpathians
    Geofyzikální měření v bedřichovském tunelu
    Geofyzikální průzkum Karlova mostu
    Geological constraints on the GPS and precice [i.e. precise] levelling measurements along the Diendorf-Čebín tectonic zone
    Geological structure, seismic energy release and forecasting of rockburst occurrence
    Geologická interpretace seizmického obrazu proterozoika v podloží plzeňské pánve
    Geophysics in the region: geological interpretation of the 9HRM seismic profiles in Western Bohemia
    Ground penetrating radar profile measurements above the seismoactive area at the eastern margin of the Cheb Basin, Western Bohemia
    Hlavní výsledky státního úkolu "Geofyzikální výzkum hlubinné stavby zemské kůry pro potřeby ložiskového výzkumu v ČSSR" za léta 1985-1987
    Hlbinná stavba litosféry v Západných Karpatoch - model odvodený na základe reziduí vĺn P
    Hodnocení propustnosti lomové pláně : příklad interpolace koeficientu filtrace pomocí akustického vzorkování
    Homogeneous velocity models of the West Bohemian swarm region obtained by grid search
    How many seismographs do we need to record ground motion at a station?
    Impact of seismicity on surface in mining affected areas: general description
    Influence of some WEBNET stations on location of earthquakes in West Bohemian subregions Nový Kostel and Lazy
    The influence of temporary mining interruption on induced seismicity
    Installation of the deformometer TM 71 in the Peruvian Andes
    Instrument for monitoring spectral acceleration on response seismic ground motion
    Interpretation of rockbursts recorded by the local seismic station Kladno-Vinařice during the year 1993
    Interpretation of rockbursts recorded by the local seismic station Kladno-Vinařice during the year 1994
    Investigation of ground velocities during the rockbursts
    Investigation of induced seismic phenomena in the bituminous coal Kladno district
    Joint inversion of P receiver functions, Rayleigh and Love waves group velocities and gravity measurements in West Bohemia region
    Joint P- and S-wave prospection and a new method of S-wave extraction
    The k-2 rupture model parametric study: example of the 1999 Athens earthquake
    K založení Karlova mostu a stavu jeho pilířů z archivních zpráv pro průzkum Malostranského tunelu
    Když se svět třese
    A Kinematic Model of Structural Development of the Moldanubian Root during the Variscan Orogeny Based on Correlation of Crustal and Mantle Lithosphere Fabrics
    Komplexní sledování geotechnických problémů lokality Čistá-Důl Jeroným, období 2004-2005
    Der Kruste/Mantel-Grenzbereich unter der Schwarmbebengebiet Vogtland/NW-Böhmen: Kombinierte seismische und petrologische Studien
    Layered velocity models of the Western Bohemia region
    Local seismicity at the Hronov-Poříčí Fault (Eastern Bohemia)
    Localization method of the seismic induced events at Příbram seismic network
    Magma intrusions and earthquake swarm occurremce in the western part of the Bohemian Massif
    Microstructure, EBSD-Measured Texture and Seismic Properties of Mantle Eclogite FRB 1300 from the Premier Mine, Kaapvaal Craton, South Africa
    Migration of events during the January 1997 earthquake swarm (the West Bohemia/Vogtland region)
    Miocene compressive tectonics in the southern part of the Carpathian Foredeep (Czechia - SE Moravia)
    Mobile sensor of rotational movement for seismology
    Model reliéfu kulmu v podloží miocenních sedimentů u Stříteže nad Ludinou (oblast Moravské brány) : 25-12 Hranice
    Modification of the Lennartz apparatus for the seismic array in West Bohemia
    Monitoring and documentation of flaking-off phenomena in the historical Jeroným Mine
    The monitoring of seismic events in the East Sudety Mts. in period 2000-2001
    Monitoring of strain accumulation along active faults in the Eastern Gulf of Corinth: instruments and network SETUP
    Možnosti vzniku indukované seizmicity při povrchové těžbě uhlí v severozápadních Čechách
    Nejdůležitější výsledky řešení projektu ČBÚ č. 22/2003 "Vedení důlních děl ve vlivu přídatných napětí v okolí ochranných pilířů jam a překopů v dolech s nebezpečím otřesů"
    Některé poznatky z důlních otřesů v OKR v období od zahájení útlumu těžby. I. Charakteristické geomechanické faktory 72 důlních otřesů v OKR od roku 1989
    Neotectonics of the Polish Carpathians in the light of geomorphic studies : a state of the art
    New approaches in high-resolution shallow seismic prospection
    New local seismological network in southern Bohemia
    New results of seismic exploration in Vienna Basin
    Northern (Slovak) part of the Danube Basin: tectonics, crustal and lithospheric dynamics
    Nové postupy ve zpracování seizmických dat prováděných ve středisku numerického zpracování MND Hodonín
    The Nový Kostel earthquake swarm 2000 : Krasnet measurements
    On some anomalies of VP/VS ratio of West Bohemian swarm 2000 : preliminary results
    One-dimensional qP-wave velocity model of the upper crust for the West Bohemia/Vogtland earthquake swarm region
    Ongoing passive seismic experiments unravel deep lithosphere structure of the Bohemian Massif
    Orientations of recent principal stress axes in the Jeseníky region
    P-wave velocity anisotropy determined on amphibolite samples from a borehole in the Rataje Zone of Kutná Hora crystalline complex
    Picking the P- and S-onsets and azimuth angles of rockburst events
    Pohled na dynamiku litosféry ve střední Evropě z hlediska některých nedávných výzkumů
    Pokus o řešení tektoniky středočeského permokarbonu pomocí reflexně-seismické geofyzikální metody
    Polarization diagrams of rockbursts from the Ostrava-Karviná District
    Poznatky geofyzikálního průzkumu mezi Luční a Studniční horou v Krkonoších : 03-42 Žacléř
    Predispozice, struktura a geochronologie svahových deformací kulminační části Západních Beskyd
    Preliminary Results of Detailed Seismological Monitoring in Hrubý Jeseník Mts
    Present Day Earthquake Activity of the Moravo-Silesian Region: (Registration by the HRMC, ZLHC and ZARC seismic stations)
    Present-day microseismicity of the eastern Sudetic Fault System and Plio-Quaternary development of the Upper Morava Basin
    Present-day seismicity of the South-Eastern Elbe Fault System (NE Bohemian Massif)
    Projevy seismo-tektonické aktivity v sv. části Českého masivu v období 2004-2005
    Properties of weak contrast PP reflection/transmission coefficients for weakly anisotropic elastic media
    Průzkum ložisek ropy a zemního plynu v Kamerunu v rámci Programu rozvojové pomoci České republiky
    Přímá měření současných pohybů na tektonických strukturách
    Přínos metodického geofyzikálního výzkumu pro rozvoj prospekce ložisek uhlovodíků
    Přínos prostorového seizmického měření v prospekci uhlovodíků
    Recent solution of the distributed control and measurement system in the Jeroným Mine - modular system
    Recent tectonic activity and orientations of the principal stresses in the Jeseníky region
    Recent tectonic activity in the area northwards of Šternberk (Nízký Jeseník Mts.) - present knowledge
    Recentní morfotektonika Vachšského příkrovu v severním Pamiru
    Recentní morfotektonika Vachšského příkrovu v severním Pamiru
    Recentní tektonika na severovýchodním okraji Českého masívu
    Refined location of the swarm earthquakes in the Nový Kostel focal zone and spatial distribution of the January 1997 swarm in Western Bohemia, Czech Republic
    Reflection ray tracing in lignite seam model
    Reinterpretation of the travel times of P waves generated by quarry blasts in Western Bohemia
    Relocation of earthquakes in West Bohemian/Vogtland subregions Lazy, Klingenthal and Plesná using the Master event method
    Relocation of mining-induced seismic events in the Upper Silesian Coal Basin, Poland, by a double-difference method
    Relocation of the 2001 earthquake sequence in Aegion, Greece
    Repeated geodetic measurements in the West Bohemia seismoactive region: period 1993-1996
    Reply to comment by V. Vavryčuk on "Analysis of the state of stress during the 1997 swarm in the Western Bohemia" by A. Slancová and J. Horálek
    Retrieval of source parameters of an event of the 2000 West Bohemia earthquake swarm assuming an anisotropic crust
    Review of the crust-lithosphere research in the Carpathians
    Rychlost kmitání povrchu v karvinské části hornoslezské pánve
    Sarmatian depositional environment of the Northern Vienna Basin
    Saxothuringian-Moldanubian suture and prediposition of seismicity in the western Bohemian Massif
    Scenario of the January 1997 West Bohemia earthquake swarm
    Sedimentary architecture of the Neogene basin fill in the northern part of Vienna Basin
    Seisbase - principles of a program and database for routine analysis of data from local seismic networks, version 4.7
    Seismic activity of the Alpine-Carpathian-Bohemian Massif region with regard to geological and potential field data
    Seismic effects of the quarry blasts on the territory of Bohemia
    Seismic event location in the vicinity of the underground gas storage Háje-Příbram
    Seismic exploration below the Flysch Nappes (in the Czech and Polish Carpathians)
    Seismic measurements along short profiles in western Bohemia during the Celebration 2000 experiment
    Seismic monitoring at the Jelšava deposit
    Seismic Phenomena Induced by Mining
    Seismic phenomena induced by mining
    Seismic profiles for attenuation acceleration measurement
    Seismic source model from West Bohemia seismograms inversion : the method and preliminary results for ML=2.0, Jan 17 1997 event
    Seismic stations with GSM telemetry for registration of quarry blasts
    Seismic tomography and refraction data processing
    Seismic velocity model in the vicinity of Eger Rift from dispersion of surface waves
    Seismicity in the Area of Western Bohemia
    Seismicity in the Vogtland/Western Bohemia earthquake region between 1962 and 1998
    Seismicity monitoring at the Lubenik deposit
    Seismicity of the East Sudeten as recorded by solitary triggered stations of UGN
    Seismická měření při severozápadním okraji severočeské hnědouhelné pánve mezi Prunéřovem a Chomutovem
    Seismological measurement in the Moravo-Silesian Region in 2003
    Seismology monitoring
    Seismometer SM3 as displacement sensor
    Seizmicita a recentní pohyby ve vodárenských tunelech a jejich okolí : seizmická měření v prostoru přehrady Josefův Důl
    Seizmická tomografie a zpracování refrakčních dat
    Sensor of rotational movement around vertical axis for seismic measurement
    Shallow crustal structure of the Central Bohemian Pluton, Czech Republic, inferred from refraction measurements
    Shear wave velocities inferred from surface wave dispersion beneath the Příbram array in the Czech Republic
    Sledování náklonů a hladiny spodních vod při úpatí Krušných hor z hlediska stability v oblasti Jezeří
    Some Comments on Dynamic Stability of Rock Slopes
    Some features of seismic waves observed in the territory of northern Moravia and Silesia
    Some indications of crustal dynamics in the Ohře Rift region
    Special geophysical methods: Seismology
    Special geophysical methods: The ray interpretation of DSS data from the VI/70 seismic transect across the Bohemian Massif
    Station correction of PATNET network for improvement of earthquake location in central part of Gulf of Corinth
    Statistical interpretation of WEBNET seismograms by artificial neural nets
    Strong Seismic Events in the Upper Silesian Coal Basin, Poland
    Structure of the Brunovistulian Unit (E part of the Czech Republic) on the basis of seismic and magnetic data
    Structure of the West Carpathian Flysch Belt and its fundament
    Structures of the Earth´s crust and upper mantle beneath the Western Bohemian Massif derived from receiver functions
    Study of site effect using mining induced seismic events and ambient noise from Karviná region
    Study of the upper crustal structure on the territory of Bohemia using seismic waves from quarry blasts
    Subsurface structure and tectonic style of the NE Outer Carpathians (Poland) on the basis of integrated 2D interpretation of geological and geophysical images
    Subsurface structure of the volcanic centre of the České Středohoří Mountains, North Bohemia, determined by geophysical surveys
    Surface waves dispersion curves of Eurasian earthquakes: the SVAL program
    Tektonické otřesy z polské části Tater detekované na širokopásmových stanicích provozovaných Ústavem fyziky Země (2004-2005)
    Temporary array data for studying seismic anisotropy of Variscan massifs - the Armorican Massif, French Massif Central and Bohemian Massif
    Type analysis mining induced tremors
    Uhřice-Jih, první ložisko jedenadvacátého století
    Upheaval Dome (Canyonlands National Park, Utah, USA) - impaktový kráter nebo solný diapir?
    The Use of Convergency for Estimating the Correction of Penetrating Seismic Waves
    Verification the attenuation relations for seismic waves in the Bohemian Massif
    Vertical displacements in the Nový Kostel seismoactive area
    Vertically inhomogeneous models of the upper crustal structure in the West-Bohemian seismoactive region inferred from the CELEBRATION 2000 refraction data
    Vliv elastické anizotropie na seizmická vlnová pole ve studiích struktury litosféry
    Vliv lokální geologie na rychlost kmitání na povrchu v karvinské oblasti
    Vyhľadávanie telies litotamniových vápencov vo Viedenskej panve pomocou seizmických atribútov
    Využitie seizmických atribútov pri interpretácii 3D seizmických meraní
    Význam a přínos jednotného systému protiotřesové prevence pro bezpečnost a ekonomiku důlního provozu v OKR
    Water table fluctuations in the West Bohemian earthquake region
    Western Bohemia eartthquake swarm area - what can we see in seismograms from local events
    The Western Bohemia uppermost crust Rayleigh wave tomography
    The Western Bohemia/Vogtland region in the light of the WEBNET network
    Zemětřesení v Česku a proč je sledujeme
    Zemětřesení v jihovýchodní Asii otřáslo i krystalinikem Krušných hor
    Zemětřesení ve službách energetiky : seismika pomáhá těžit ropu a zemní plyn i čerpat geotermální energii