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    Analytical Expressions for Fresnel Volumes and Interface Fresnel Zones of Seismic Body Waves. Part 2: Transmitted and Converted Waves. Head Waves
    The crust-mantle transition zone (Moho) beneath the swarm-earthquake area Vogtland/NW-Bohemia in the light of diffrent seismic methods
    Electrical structure of the mantle beneath Central Europe: Results of the CEMES project
    Experimental determination of the effect of H2O on the 410-km seismic discontinuity
    The influence of rheological weakening and yield stress on the interaction of slabs with the 370 km discontinuity
    Long-wavelength character of subducted slabs in the lower mantle
    PASSEQ 2006-2008: Passive seismic experiment in Trans-European Suture Zone