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    Accretion of first Gondwana-derived terranes at the margin of Baltica
    Acritarch stratigraphy at the Tremadoc-Arenig boundary
    Acritarcha a chitinozoa šáreckého souvrství na lokalitě Praha-Červený vrch (střední ordovik, pražská pánev, Barrandien)
    Affinities of Late Devonian Acritarchs from the Madre de Díos Basin, Northern Bolivia: Evidence for Plate Tectonic Interaction between Eastern Laurentia and Western Gondwana?
    The basal Silurian Akidograptus ascensus - Parakidograptus acuminatus Biozone in peri-Gondwanan Europe: graptolite assemblages, stratigraphical ranges and palaeobiogeography
    A Belt of High-K Plutonic Rocks Related to Crustal Extension: Evidence from the European Variscan
    The Bohemian Massif and the NW Himalaya
    The Brunovistulian: Avalonian Precambrian sequence at the eastern end of the Central European Variscides?
    Cadomian basement in the Bohemian Massif: relations to the Cadomian belt and implications for pre-Variscan plate kinematics
    Cadomian, Variscan and Alpine imprints in the Bohemian Massif
    Carboniferous foraminiferal paleobiogeography in Turkey and its implications for plate tectonic reconstructions
    The 'Cephalopod Limestone' of the Prague Basin (Silurian, Czech Republic)
    Chitinozoan implications in the palaeogeography of the East Moesia, Romania
    The development of the Prague Basin as a part of a rift-basin system at the southern margin of the Rheic Ocean
    Devonian glaciation in Gondwana and its global effects
    Devonian vertebrate biochronology and global marine/non-marine correlation
    Dispersal of marine fauna and spores of continental plants: Implication for hydrospheric/atmospheric circulation pattern and paleogeography (Devonian, Emsian-Eifelian, NGM-SLM)
    Distances Between the Early/Middle Devonian Gondwana and Laurussia; Faunal and Spore Dispersals as Compared with Paleomagnetic Data on Paleolatitudes
    Diversification and biogeography of scolecodont-bearing polychaetes in the Ordovician
    The earliest brachiopod bryozoan dominated community in the Ordovician of peri-Gondwana and its ancestors: a case study from the Klabava Formation (Arenigian) of the Barrandian, Bohemia
    Early Cambrian location and affinities of the Brunovistulian terrane (Central Europe) in the light of palaeomagnetic data
    Early Ordovician acritarchs from the locality Mýto near Rokycany (Late Arenig, Czechoslovakia)
    Early Palaeozoic crustal melting in an extensional setting: petrological and Sm-Nd evidence from the Izera granite-gneisses, Polish Sudetes
    The Early Palaeozoic geography of Europe
    Early Palaeozoic intracontinental rifting in the Bohemian terrane: correlation of volcanic rocks of the central West Sudetes and Barrandian
    Early Palaeozoic palaeobiogeography and palaeoecology of stylophoran echinoderms
    Early Palaeozoic palaeobiogeography of northern Gondwana regions
    Early Palaeozoic rift-related magmatism in Variscan Europe: fragmentation of the Armorican Terrane Assemblage
    Early Paleozoic evolution of the Barrandian Terrane Bohemian Massif, Czech Republic: paleotectonic implications of sedimentary, fossil and volcanic record
    The early tectonometamorphic evolution of the southern zone of Erbendorf-Vohenstrauss (ZEV, NW-Bohemian Massif, Bavaria) inferred from geochemical, radiometric, petrologic and structural characteristics
    Faunal specificity, endemism and paleobiogeography: the post-glacial (Hirnantian-early Rhuddanian) graptolite fauna of the North-African border of Gondwana: a case study
    The Frasnian-Famennian brachiopod extinction events: A preliminary review
    The geochemical correlation of the East Krkonoše Complex metabasites (West Sudetes, Czech Republic and Poland) - relation to the Cambrian-Ordovician northern Gondwana breakup: A review
    Geochemical discrimination of metasedimentary sequences in the Krkonoše-Jizera Terrane (West Sudetes, Bohemian Massif): paleotectonic and stratigraphic constraints
    A global Chitinozoa biozonation for the Silurian
    Global distribution of Paleozoic oolitic ironstones
    Gondwanská flóra : Svědectví rostlin o zaniklém kontinentu
    The History of the Brunovistulicum : Total-Pb Monazite ages from the Metamorphic Complex
    The IGCP 497 Opening Meeting "The Gondwanan Margin of the Rheic Ocean in the Bohemian Massif", Prague, September 17-25, 2004
    The importance of acritarchs in Ordovician biostratigraphy and palaeobiogeography in Germany
    Introduction to the Post- Symposium Excursion: Bohemicum - a crustal segment within the Mid-European Variscan belt
    Introduction to the Pre- Symposium Excursion (part I): The Peri-Gondwanan Basement of the Saxothuringian Composite Terrane
    Late Devonian-earliest Mississippian glaciation in Gondwanaland and its biogeographic consequences
    Late Devonian (Famennian) Glaciation in South America and Marine Offlap on other Continents
    Late Devonian (Famennian) Glaciation in Western Gondwana: Evidence from the Central Andes
    Late Famennian Phytogeographic Provincialism: Evidence for a Limited Separation of Gondwana and Laurentia
    The Late Paleozoic relations between Gondwana and Laurusia
    Late variscan tectonomagmatic activity in Western Europe and surrounding areas: the Mid-Permian Episode
    Lochkovian bivalves of Bohemian type from the eastern Anti-Atlas (Lower Devonian, Morocco)
    Lochkovian (Early Devonian) acritarchs and prasinophytes from the Solimoes Basin, northwestern Brazil
    Megareefs in Middle Devonian supergreenhouse climates
    Metamorphosed carbonates of Krkonoše Mountains and Paleozoic evolution of Sudetic Terranes (NE Bohemia, Czech Republic)
    Middle/Late Cambrian intracontinental rifting in the central West Sudetes, NE Bohemian Massif (Czech Republic): geochemistry and petrogenesis of the bimodal metavolcanic rocks
    Nejstarší zástupce řádu Graptoloidea z barrandienského ordoviku a jeho stratigrafický význam (12-33 Plzeň)
    Neoproterozoic-Early Paleozoic evolution of peri-Gondwanan terranes: implications for Laurentia-Gondwana connections
    New occurrence of the Ordovician eocrinoid Cardiocystes: Palaeogeographical and palaeoecological implications
    Ordovician (Dobrotivian (Llandeillian stage) to Ashgill) crinoid (Phylum Echinodermata) from the Montes de Toledo and Sierra Morena, Spain with implications for paleogeography of peri-Gondwana
    The Ordovician of Central Europe in a new stratigraphical context
    The Ordovician of the Condroz Inlier, Belgium: Trilobites from the southeastern margin of Avalonia
    Ordovician organic-walled microphytoplankton (acritarch) distribution: the global scenario
    Organic-walled microfossils (Chitinozoa and Acritarcha) from Praha-Červený vrch Hill (Šárka Formation, Middle Ordovician, Prague Basin)
    Overview of the stratigraphy and initial quantitative biogeographical results from the Devonian of the Albergaria-a-Velha Unit (Ossa-Morena Zone, W Portugal)
    Palaeogeographic distribution of Ordovician hyoliths
    Palaeogeographical and palaeoecological aspects of the Cambro-Ordovician radiation of echinoderms in Gondwanan Africa and peri-Gondwanan Europe
    Palaeogeographical controls on the Cambrian trilobite immigration and evolutionary patterns reported in the western Gondwana margin
    Palaeozoic amalgamation of Central Europe: an introduction and synthesis of new results from recent geological and geophysical investigations
    Palaeozoic low-oxygen, high-latitude carbonates: Silurian and Lower Devonian nautiloid and scyphocrinoid limestones of the Anti-Atlas (Morocco)
    Palaeozoic terrane amalgamation in Central Europe: a REE and Sm-Nd isotope study of the pre-Variscan basement, NE Bohemian Massif
    Paläozoische Hochdruck- und Ultrahochdruck-Metamorphite in Mitteleuropa und ihre Beziehungen zur variszischen Orogenese
    Paleobiogeografía de Cyrtinopsidae (Braquiópodos Delthyridina del Silúrico y Devónico)
    Patterns of ostracod migration for the 'North Atlantic' region during the Ordovician
    Perunica microplate: relation to Ukrainian Shield, mid-Bohemian rift, and hypothetic large-scale overthrusts in central Bohemia
    Phanerozoic paleogeography of Central Europe
    Plate tectonic evolution and paleogeography of the circum-Carpathian region
    Preliminary palynological investigation of Saudi Arabian Upper Ordovician glacial sediments
    The Rb-Sr isotope geochemistry of the metamorphosed bimodal volcanic association of the Rýchory Mts crystalline complex, West Sudetes, Bohemian Massif
    Recognition of the Trans-European Suture Zone (TESZ) by the palaeobiogeographical distribution pattern of early to middle Ordovician acritarchs
    Recurrent Silurian-Lower Devonian Cephalopod Limestones of Gondwana Europe and Perunica
    Relics of an early-Panafrican metabasite-metarhyolite formation in the Brno Massif, Moravia, Czech Republic
    Review of geochemical variation in Lower Palaeozoic metabasites from the NE Bohemia Massif: intracratonic rifting and plumeridge interaction
    Review of Nd isotopic data and xenocrystic and detrital zircon ages from the pre-Variscan basement in the eastern Bohemian Massif: speculations on palinspastic reconstructions
    Rhyolite related to Panafrican granite in the eastern part of the Bohemian Massif (Czech Republic)
    Sedimentary provenance of Mid-Devonian clastic sediments in the Teplá-Barrandian Unit (Bohemian Massif): U-Pb and Pb-Pb geochronology of detrital zircons by laser ablation ICP-MS
    Silurian and lowermost Devonian bivalvies of Bohemia type from the Carnic Alps. Geologie ohne Grenzen - Festschrift 150 Jahre Geologische Bundesanstalt
    Silurian Bivalvia - Evolution, Palaeoecology, Palaeogeography, Importance for Biostratigraphy and Correlation
    Some new or little known cephalopods from the Lower Devonian Pragian carbonate shelf (Prague Basin, Bohemia) with remarks on Lochkovian and Pragian cephalopod evolution
    Současné možnosti využití mikropaleontologických údajů pro paleogeografické rekonstrukce předvariské Evropy
    Spodnodevonští stromatoporoidi z Koněprus (stupeň prag) (12-41 Beroun)
    State of art in reconstruction of early Variscan block-and-basin configurations (Emsian-Eifelian, Devonian)
    Stavba evropských variscid ve vztahu k problematice rozpadu řídících litosférických desek a paleotektonickým rotacím s ohledem na východní okraj Českého masivu
    Stratigraphic and palaeogeographic distribution of the Ordovician eocrinoid Ascocystites Barrande, 1887 (Echinodermata, Blastozoa)
    Structure and evolution of Earth crust in Central Europe
    A systematic revision of Selenopeltis (Trilobita: Odontopleuridae) with description of new material from the Ordovician Anti Atlas region, Morocco
    Tabulate corals of Ibarmaghian affinities in the Upper Emsian of Bohemia
    Tectonic and Plate Tectonic Units at the North Gondwana Margin: Evidence from the Central European Variscides
    Tectonic and plate tectonic units at the North Gondwana margin: evidence from the Central European Variscides
    Terrane transfer between eastern Laurentia and northwestern Gondwana: the place of the Teplá-Barrandian, Bohemian Massif
    Thaumastosaurus Bottii De Stefano, 1903, an anuran with Gondwanan affinities from the Eocene of Europe
    Tournasian-Lower Visean Calcareous Foraminifera: Biostratigraphy and Palaeogeography
    Trilobiten aus dem Silur der Karnischen Alpen/Österreich. Teil I.
    Trilobites of the Králův Dvůr Formation (Ordovician) of the Prague Basin, Czech Republic
    The two plate model of the Variscan orogeny - One plate boundary zone with many subduction zones
    U-Pb geochronologic evidence for the evolution of the Gondwanan margin of the north-central Andes
    U-Pb SHRIMP and Nd isotopic data from the western Bohemian Massif (Bayerischer Wald, Germany): Implications for Upper Vendian and Lower Ordovician magmatism
    U-Pb single grain dating of detrital zircon in the Cambrian of central Poland: implications for Gondwana versus Baltica provenance studies
    Upper Silurian fossils of Bohemian type from NW Spain and their palaeogeographical significance
    Variscan basement in Europe - travelling through time and space
    Variscan orogeny in the Eastern Alps and Bohemian Massif: How do these units correlate?
    Die variszische Gebirgsbildung im Saxothuringikum - Abbildung der Kollision zwischen Gondwana und Laurussia
    Výskyt některých "baltických" graptolitů a společenstva mikrofosilií v oblasti peri-Gondwany (12-33 Plzeň)
    Vývoj pražské pánve jako odezva vývojových etap Rheického oceánu
    Wenlock and Ludlow cephalopods in the Prague Basin: communities, palaeobiogeography and palaeoecology (Bohemia)
    West African provenance for Saxo-Thuringia (Bohemian Massif): Did Armorica ever leave pre-Pangean Gondwana? - U/Pb-SHRIMP zircon evidence and the Nd-isotopic record