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    Mezinárodní geologický kongres
    29. mezinárodní geologický kongres v Japonsku
    30. mezinárodní geologický kongres v Číně
    Advances in the status of he Multilingual Thesaurus of Geosciences Database
    Alkaline Volcanism in the Mesozoic and Cenozoic history of the Western Carpathians Mts.
    Amerika a 28. mezinárodní geologický kongres
    Anomalous Black Shales in Northwestern part of Barrandian Upper Proterozoic (Bohemian Massif, Czechoslovakia)
    Assessment and Mitigation of Man-Induced Geologic Hazards Related to Dam Construction and Operation
    Basalt aggregates as the rock fill material
    The Behaviour of Tin, Tungsten and Molybdenum in Felsic Magmas
    Comparison between Two Distant Mesozoic Ophiolites : Bódva Valley Incomplete Ophiolite (Hungary) and Miraflores Ophiolite (Cuba)
    Conditions of the Rise and Hydrogeochemical Stability of Mineral Waters of the Levice Mineral Water Springs Line in the West Carpathians
    Contribution to the knowledge of deep-water (psychrospheric) ostracodes in Miocene sediments of the Paratethys
    Czechoslovak Project of Deep Continental Research : Relationship to KTB
    Czechoslovakia on Geological Maps
    The Early Earth: Homogenous Accretion and Superheat
    Eastern Boundary of European Variscides : Large-Scale Oblique Continental Collision Zone
    Ecological, Economical and Social Aspects of Groundwater Protection
    Ethical approach and social responsibility in geosciences
    Ethical aspects in geosciences and in the geoeducation
    Ethical Geology in the Education Process
    Evolution of Meliata-Hallstatt Rift and its Significance for Early Evolution of Alps and Western Carpathians
    Exhumation of the Saxonian Granulites in Germany
    Fifteen International Meetings of Mathematical Geologists at the Mining Příbram Symposia in Czechoslovakia (1968-1991)
    FMR and Mössbauer Measurements of Fine-Grained Fractions of LUNA 16, 20 and 24 Regolites
    Garnet REE geochemistry - genetic code of high-grade rocks
    Genetic models for metallogenetic specialization of tin and tungsten deposits associated with the Krušné hory (Erzgebirge) granite batholith of Central Europe
    Geochemistry and petrology of Cadomian and late Variscan granitoids at the northeastern border of Bohemian Massif (Central Europe)
    Geochemistry and Petrology of Continental Growth : Example from Bohemia
    Geology of Ostrava-Karviná Coalfield
    Geoscience Development and Transfer of Technology Needs
    Geotectonic units of Czech Median Mass and their role in distribution of uranium mineralisation
    Groundwater protection strategy and policy
    Hercynian High P-T Metamorphism and Uplift History in the Moldanubian Zone of the Bohemian Massif in Lower Austria
    Heterogeneity of Earth's Mantle below Bohemian Massif
    High-K magmatism in orogenic belts. Vol. 2 : early Variscan case as constrained by field and geochemical evidence
    Inheritance or tectonic Adjustment?
    Joint Czechoslovakia-German Democratic Republic Geotransect : Variscan and Carpathian Lithosphere Studies
    The karst of Central Bohemia, Czech Republic: new constraints from karst cavities
    Landslides in fissured clays on the margin of the anthracolitic system's ramp valley
    The Late Proterozoic of the Saxo-Thuringian (East Germany) with a special Reference to Glacioeustatically Controlled Sedimentation Processes and the Palaeoclimate
    Lithological and Metamorphic Development of Anoxic Environment in Geological History of Bohemian Massif
    Lithosphere of Central Europe : Some Results of Czechoslovakian Program of Earth's Crust Investigations
    Lithosphere Structure as Reflected in Geophysical Fields of Czechoslovakia
    The main rock sources of magnetic anomalies defined by petrophysical and petrological study on the example of Bohemian Massif
    Mapping of environmental geofactors in the Czech Republic
    Marbles, calc-silicate rocks and skarns of the Moldanubian Unit (Bohemian Massif, Czechoslovakia) : Carbon and oxygen isotope and fluid inclusion constraints on their formation conditions
    Mass Transfer of Ion-Exchanging Pollutants in Groundwater
    Metamorphic Origin of Hydrothermal Ore Fluids of Vein Mineralization in Gemeric belt, Western Carpathians
    Mezinárodní geologický kongres ve Washingtonu, D.C
    Mezinárodní zasedání geologů a programy životního prostředí
    Mineral and Thermal Water Purification in Czechoslovakia: Strategy and Management. Abstracts. (2 sv.)
    Mineralized stromatolit-like cherts in the Upper Proterozoic of the Bohemian Massif
    Minerogenic Map of Republic of Cuba, Scale 1:500.000
    Mobility of sulfur during early diagenesis of freshwater peats
    Modes of Occurrence of Sulfide Minerals and Chalkophile Elements in Several High-Sulfur Czechoslovakian Coal
    New evidence for UHP metamorphism in the Bohemian Massif of the Central European Variscan
    New results in the metallogeny of black shale formations
    Novinky z prekambria. 29.geologický kongres v Kjótu
    O čem se hovořilo na 28. mezinárodním geologickém kongresu
    On Origin of Mountain Arcs in Northern Alpine System of Europe
    Oolitic ironstones and their source of iron
    Organics and mineral deposits - new results from the IGCP 357
    The Origin of Blatná Granodiorite
    P- and S-wave anisotropy in the lithospheric mantle beneath the Tibetan plateau and Variscan belt of Central Europe
    Paleoplates Buried in Uppre Mantle and Cyclic Character of Subduction
    Peridotite liquid trapped within foidite magma in the Železná hůrka quaternary volcano (Czech Republic)
    Pollen analysis of the Neogene clay sediments on NE border of the Vienna Basin in Western Carpathians
    A Possible palinspastic arrangement during the Jurassic in the West Carpathian territory
    Precambrian in the Alpine Belt of the West Carpathians
    Preliminary Results of World-Wide Inventory of Geoscience Databases
    Problematika rudních ložisek na 29.mezinárodním geologickém kongresu v Kjótu
    Problems of deciphering basement tectonics by means of structural patterns regularity
    Rates of neotectonic uplift: A Carpathian example
    Recent versus Ancient Black Shales : Comparison of Their Depositional Environments
    Results of World-Wide Inventory of Geoscience Databases
    Role of organic matter in the formation of ore deposits - new results from the IGCP 357
    Role of Precambrian Basement in Continental Crust Structure of Central Europe
    Scheelite-Gold-Bearing and Antimonite-Gold-Bearing Association in Relation to Carbonaceous Formations in the Ore District of the Nízké Tatry Mts
    Sedimentologie na 29.mezinárodním kongresu v Japonsku
    Sedimentology of the Andělská Hora Beds in the Sudetes, Poland
    Seismotectonics of Continetal Wedges Overlying Circum-Pacific Subduction Zones
    Serpentinite aggregates for special concretes
    Source of sulphur of base metal sulphide deposits at the NE margin of the Bohemian Massif (Czechoslovakia)
    Státní geologická služba a 29. mezinárodní geologický kongres v Kjótu
    Subsequent Closure of Tethyan Basins as Recorded in West Carpathians
    Sulfur isotope dynamics in the system: bedrock-forest soil-spruce canopy-atmosphere
    Superheat in silicate melts - causes and consequences
    Supracrustal Structural Record of Plate Convergence
    Tectonic of crenulation cleavage
    Tectonic processes in the Variscan belt of Europe: from collision to collapse
    Tectonic styles of the Mesozoic-Cenozoic epiplatform
    Tectonostratigraphic Units in Variscan Belt of Central Europe
    Tephra layers in Lower Pleistocene loess of Middle Europe
    Thermal regimes of the European lithosphere
    Thermo-mechanical modeling of late-orogenic processes at lithospheric scale - a study from the Variscan orogen in Central Europe
    The timing of rare metal mineralization associated with acid magmatism: A correlation of some Paleozoic and Mesozoic provinces
    Trace Fossil Correlation in Small Flysch Basin
    Transpression regime during Variscan nappe thrusting at the SE margin of the Bohemian Massif
    Unconventional non-metallic mineral raw materials
    Uranium Deposit of Příbram : Its Characteristics and Some Applications of Statistics in Detailed Exploration
    Variscan A-Type Subduction in Southeast Part of Bohemian Massif
    Variscan Eclogites and HP Granulites of Northeastern Bohemian Massif (SW Poland)
    The Variscan orogen in Europe: HP-LT and LP-HT rock types but no paired metamorphic belts
    Vienna and Pannonian Basin in Central Europe : Comparison of Neogene Sedimentation and Tectonics