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    analýza časových řad
    Analyses of Acoustic Emission and Underground Tremor Time Series from Rockburst Hazardous Areas of Ostrava-Karviná Mines
    Analýza časových řad koncentrací metanu v ostravské dílčí pánvi
    Data processing of GNSS observations of the GEONAS network - effects of extreme meteorological conditions
    Dissolved organic carbon trends resulting from changes in atmospheric deposition chemistry
    Estimating high levels exceedance probabilities by point process approach with applications to northern Moravia precipitation and discharges series
    Geodynamic pattern of the West Bohemia region based on permanent GPS measurements
    High resolution temperature monitoring in a borehole, detection of the deterministic signals in noisy environment
    Hydrological regime of some springs in the Upper Oder River Basin
    Is fractal dynamics of movements on unstable rock slopes anticipating their catastrophic collapse?
    K poznatkům z dlouhodobých řad sledování povodňového režimu v povodí Vltavské kaskády
    Long-term positional monitoring of station VYHL of the Sněžník Network
    Maksymalne dobowe opady atmosferyczne w Karkonoszach w drugiej połowie XX wieku
    Peaks over threshold method in comparison with block-maxima method for estimating high return levels of several Northern Moravia precipitation and discharges series
    Precise temperature monitoring in boreholes: evidence for oscillatory convection?. Part 1, Experiments and field data
    Regional ice-mass changes and glacial-isostatic adjustment in Antarctica from GRACE
    Thermal instability of the fluid column in a borehole: application to the Yaxcopoil hole (Mexico)
    Trendy ve vývoji odtoku v povodí Otavy