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Předmětová skupina
    aparatura seizmická
    ALP 2002 Seismic Experiment
    CELEBRATION 2000 Seismic Experiment
    Detection of the origin time and seismic ground motion of quarry blasts
    Determination of correct time of quarry blasts and properties of surrounding rock for measurement on seismic profiles
    The KTB deep crustal laboratory and the western Eger Graben. Third day: (A) Geodynamic observation of fluid driven earthquake swarms and mantle fluid transport processes in the Nový Kostel epicentral area. Stop 11
    Mobile sensor of rotational movement for seismology
    Modification of the Lennartz apparatus for the seismic array in West Bohemia
    Modification of the Lennartz Apparatus fot the Seismic Array in West Bohemia
    Seismic stations with GSM telemetry for registration of quarry blasts
    Sensor of rotational movement around vertical axis for seismic measurement