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    frakcionace chemická
    The behaviour of nitrogen isotopes in acidified forest soils in the Czech Republic
    Bismutotantalite-stibiotantalite-stibiocolumbite assemblage from elbaite pegmatites at Molo near Momeik, northern Shan State, Myanmar
    Boron and lithium isotopic compositions as provenance indicators of Cu-bearing tourmalines
    Chemical composition of tourmaline from granitic rocks; geochemical versus crystal-structural constraints
    Chemistry of phosphorus-rich topaz
    The composition of the Earths lower mantle and the bulk composition of the Moon?
    Compositional evolution and substitutions in disseminated and nodular tourmaline from leucocratic granites: Examples from the Bohemian Massif, Czech Republic
    Cryogenic cave calcite from several Central European caves: age, carbon and oxygen isotopes and a genetic model
    Dvojslídné granity z okolí Ořechova (24-31 Velké Meziříčí)
    The effect of cellular organic matter produced by cyanobacteria Microcystis Aeruginosa on water purification
    Evolution of feldspars in granitic pegmatites
    Evolution of fractionated granite magma in multiple-opened system: Example from the Podlesí granite stock, Czech Republic
    Extreme variation and apparent reversal of Nb-Ta fractionation in Columbite-group minerals from the Scheibengraben beryl-columbite granitic pegmatite, Marsikov, Czech Republic
    Extreme variation and apparent reversal of Nb-Ta fractionation in columbite-group minerals from the Scheibengraben beryl-columbite granitic pegmatite, Maršíkov, Czech Republic
    Fabric evidence in mineralized granites
    Ferrotapiolite as a pseudomorph of stibiotantalite from the Laštovičky lepidolite pegmatite, Czech Republic; an example of hydrothermal alteration at constant Ta/(Ta + Nb)
    Formy výskytu rtuti v kontaminovaných půdách a říčním sedimentu
    Gas Flux and Tectonic Structure in the Western Eger Rift, Karlovy Vary - Oberpfalz and Oberfranken, Bavaria
    Geochemically anomalous olivine-poor nephelinite of Říp Hill, Czech Republic
    Geochemie und Verteilung der Quellgase und tektonische Struktur des Eger-Rifts in der Oberpfalz und in Oberfranken, Bayern
    The involvement of F, CO2, and As in the alteration of Zr-Th-REE-bearing accessory minerals in the Hora Svaté Kateřiny A-type granite, Czech Republic
    Laser ablation ICP-MS - a new dating tool in Earth science
    Li Isotopic Composition of Foraminiferal Tests and their Host Sediments.
    Magmatic hydrogels: their formation, evolution, transport and deposition as silicate and rare-element minerals
    Metal speciation and attenuation in stream waters and sediments contaminated by landfill leachate
    Microlite and tantalite in the LCT granitic pegmatites of La Canalita, Navasfrías Sn-W District, Salamanca, Spain
    N isotope study of acidified forest soils in the Czech Republic
    Niobium-tantalum oxide minerals from complex granitic pegmatites inteh Moldanubicum, Czech Republic: primary versus secondary compositional trends
    Nitrogen and carbon partitioning in diagenetic and hydrothermal minerals from Paleozoic Black Shales, (Selwyn Basin, Yukon Territories, Canada)
    On the fractionation of natural organic matter during water treatment
    Optimisation of the coagulation process of surface water with high content of natural aluminium
    PGE fractionation in seafloor hydrothermal systems: examples from mafic- and ultramafic-hosted hydrothermal fields at the slow-spreading Mid-Atlantic Ridge
    Photochemical source of aluminum for sediments and its long-term impact on internal phosphorus cycling
    Podlesí - the story of material and structural evolution of fluorine- and phosphorus-rich granite magma
    Scandium substitution in columbite-group minerals and ixiolite
    Schorl-oxy-schorl to dravite-oxy-dravite tourmaline from granitic pegmatites; examples from the Moldanubicum, Czech Republic
    Significance of Clinopyroxene-Olivine-Plagioclase Fractional Crystallization in the Formation of Plutonic Rocks
    Speciation of Al, Fe, and P in recent sediment from three lakes in Maine, USA
    Speciation of Al, Fe, and P in recent sediment of three Maine lakes, USA
    Studium komplexního využití U-Zr zrudnění severočeské křídy jako možná alternativa budoucnosti
    Thallium geochemistry in soils affected by Zn smelting
    Tourmaline composition as a recorder of crystallization in open and closed systems in the elbaite subtype pegmatite from Bližná
    Trace element geochemistry by laser ablation ICP-MS of micas associated with Ta mineralization in the Tanco pegmatite, Manitoba, Canada
    Výskyt minerálů vzácných zemin na hydrotermálních žilách Drahanské vrchoviny : 24-23 Protivanov, 24-41 Vyškov
    Y,REE,Nb,Ta,Ti-oxide (AB2O6) minerals from REL-REE euxenite-subtype pegmatites of the Třebíč Pluton, Czech Republic; substitutions and fractionation trends