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    13C variations in forest soil and soil solution DOC along a N-S European transect - preliminary data
    Environmental S isotope fractionations: An update
    Evidence for organic cycling of anthropogenic sulfur in forested catchments: S isotope mass balances for 13 sites spanning a 10-fold pollution gradient
    Extreme sulfur isotopic fractionation between sulfate of carbonate fluorapatite and authigenic pyrite in the Neocomian sequence at Wawal, Central Poland
    Fe isotopic variations in iron meteorites and implications for parent-body thermal histories
    Field trip guide, April 11, 2007 : stop 1 : mofettes and CO2 emissions at the Hájek/Soos Natural Reserve
    In-situ analysis of Fe isotopes by laser ablation multicollector ICP-MS: vestige of a Late Devonian magmatic arc?
    Isotopic 13C fractionation in soil as connected with microbial metabolism
    Isotopic fractionation of water in plant leaves - a clue for the role of terrestrial vegetation in the global carbon cycle
    Isotopic signal of respired CO2 as a tool to study soil microbial metabolism
    Lithium isotope fractionation in the terrestrial planets
    Precise measurement of Li isotopes in planktonic foraminiferal tests by quadrupole ICPMS
    Present trends and the future of zircon in geochronology: laser ablation ICPMS
    Solid sampling of geological materials - properties of particles produced by laser ablation
    Sulfur isotopes in 13 small catchments after 13 years of decreasing air pollution
    Sulphur isotope dynamics in two mountaintop forest catchments in the Black Triangle, Central Europe
    Temporal trends in the isotope signature of air-borne sulfur in Central Europe