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    izotopy stabilní
    Alkaline and Ultramafic Carbonate Lamprophyres in Central Bohemian Carboniferous Basins, Czech Republic
    Anthropogenic origin of salt crusts on sandstone sculptures of Prague's Charles Bridge (Czech Republic): Evidence of mineralogy and stable isotope geochemistry
    Are there Turbidites in the Silurian/Devonian Boundary Stratotype? (Klonk near Suchomasty, Barrandian, Czechoslovakia)
    Asociace těžkých minerálů v klastických jeskynních sedimentech Českého krasu
    Bericht 1993 über biostratigraphische, fazielle und isotopengeochemische Untersuchungen in den Adneter Steinbrüchen auf Blatt 94 Hallein
    Biotic and Abiotic Controls Over Ecosystem Cycling of Stable Natural Nitrogen, Carbon and Sulphur Isotopes
    Bryozoa, foraminifera and calcareous nannoplankton as environmental proxies of the "bryozoan event" in the Middle Miocene of the Central Paratethys (Czech Republic)
    C and O isotopic composition of carbonates and S isotopic composition of sulfides from West Bohemian uranium deposits
    Carbon and oxygen isotopic composition of carbonate minerals from the Jílové and Libčice gold deposits, Czech Republic
    Carbon isotope ("delta"13C) stratigraphy across the Silurian-Devonian transition in North America: evidence for a perturbation of the global carbon cycle
    Carbon, nitrogen and sulfur isotope profiles through peat bogs: environmental implications
    Carbonates of the black shale hosted gold deposit at Suchá Rudná, Czechoslovakia
    The Carbonatization of Blastomylonites - an Example from the Oskava Block, Jeseníky Mts.
    Changes in the d34S ratio of pore-water sulfate in incubate Sphagnum peat
    Chemical and Isotopic Analyses of Fluid Inclusions in Variscan and Post-Variscan Fluorite and Barite Occurrences in the Erzgebirge Mountains, Vogtland, Thuringia Mountains and Harz Mountains, Germany
    Coal as a source of atmospheric methane in the Czech Republic - preliminary results.
    Comment on "Geochemical heterogeneity and isotope geochemistry of natural attenuation processes in a gasoline-contaminated aquifer at the Hnevice site, Czech Republic": report published in Hydrogeology Journal (2007) 15: 961-976, by Barbora Topinkova, Kamil Nesetril, Josef Datel, Ondrej Nol, Petr Hosl
    Composition and origin of coalbed gases in the Upper Silesian and Lublin basins, Poland
    Contributions to the Fauna (Corals, Brachiopods) and Stable Isotopes of the Late Triassic Steinplatte Reef/Basin-Complex, Northern Calcareous Alps, Austria
    Cryogenic cave calcite from several Central European caves: age, carbon and oxygen isotopes and a genetic model
    Český křemenný val a přilehlé žilné mineralizace v západní části Českého masivu: příklad cirkulace fluid ve střižné zóně (11-34 Tachov, 11-41 Mariánské Lázně, 21-23 Domažlice)
    Decorative marbles from the Krkonoše-Jizera Terrane (Bohemian Massif, Czech Republic): provenance criteria
    Delta15N as an indicator of N2-fixation by cyanobacterial mats in tropical marshes
    Diagenetic and dolomitization history of the Štramberk limestones
    Distribution of stable O and C isotopes and microelements in Triassic limestones of the Veterlín unit, the Malé Karpaty Mts.: their diagenetic interpretation
    Do we know everything about physical and chemical formation of groundwater?
    Effect of altitude and tree species on 34S of deposited sulfur (Jezeří catchment, Czech Republic)
    Epigenetic dolomitization of the Přídolí formation (Upper Silurian), the Barrandian basin, Czech Republic: implications for burial history of Lower Paleozoic strata
    Evidence for rapid environmental changes in low latitudes during the Late Silurian Lau Event: the Burgen-1 drillcore, Gotland, Sweden
    Evolutionary dynamics of Pragian Dacryoconarida (Lower Devonian, Tentaculitoidea): evidence from palaeontological data and delta 13C of marine carbonates from Czech Republic
    Extreme sulfur isotopic fractionation between sulfate of carbonate fluorapatite and authigenic pyrite in the Neocomian sequence at Wawal, Central Poland
    Facies against the global isotope control (C and O isotopes, Devonian reef margin, Moravia
    Fauna, Stratigraphy and Depositional Environment of the Hettangian-Sinemurian (Early Jurassic) of Adnet (Salzburg, Austria)
    Flowstone-like calcite in the andesite of Jarmuta Mt. - dating the Holocene tectonic activity in the vicinity of Szczawnica (Magura Nappe, Outer Carpathians, Poland)
    Fluid inclusion and stable isotope study of the Kasejovice gold district, central Bohemia.
    Fluid inclusion, stable isotope and geochronologic evidence of Cretaceous collision-related formation of hydrothermal veins in the Gemeric basement (Western Carpathians)
    Formation conditions of calcite veins in the quarry "V Kozle (Hostim I, Alkazar)" in the Bohemian Karst
    Formation conditions of Pb-Zn mineralizations in the Bohemia Massif
    Gas Flux and Tectonic Structure in the Western Eger Rift, Karlovy Vary - Oberpfalz and Oberfranken, Bavaria
    Genetic model of the Rožná uranium based on the stable isotope and fluid inclusion data
    Genetický model Au-Ag mineralizace ložiska Roudný a jeho regionálně geologické implikace
    Geochemical constraints on the origin and migration of palaeofluids at the northern margin of the Variscan foreland, southern Belgium
    Geochemical heterogeneity and isotope geochemistry of natural attenuation processes in a gasoline-contaminated aquifer at the Hnevice site, Czech Republic
    Geochemical study of calcite veins in the Silurian and Devonian of the Barrandian Basin (Czech Republic): evidence for widespread post-Variscan fluid flow in the central part of the Bohemian Massif
    Geochemická charakteristika chalkopyritu z bronzového depotu od Borotína (24-14 Boskovice, 24-21 Jevíčko)
    Geochemie komínové brekcie na Linhorce u Třebenic
    Geochemie und Petrogenese der cadomischen und spätvariszischen Granitoide der Lausitz
    Geochemie und Verteilung der Quellgase und tektonische Struktur des Eger-Rifts in der Oberpfalz und in Oberfranken, Bayern
    Geochemistry and age of groundwater in a hydrochemically diversified aquifer (Permo-Carboniferous, the Intra-Sudetic Synclinorium, SW Poland) derived from geochemical modelling and isotopic studies
    Geochemistry and origin of tin-polymetallic sulfide deposits hosted by the Devonian black shale series near Dachang, Guangxi, China
    Geochemistry of agates: a trace element and stable isotope study
    Geochemistry of highly saline fluids in siliciclastic sequences: genetic implications for post-Variscan fluid flow in the Moravosilesian Palaeozoic of the Czech Republic
    Geochronologická a izotopická laboratoř
    Geology and genesis of Variscan porphyry-style gold mineralization, Petráčkova hora deposit, Boheian Massif, Czech Republic
    Gold-Bearing Mineralization Hosted by Black Slates : Example from Bohemian Massif (Czechoslovakia)
    Gold-bearing quartz veins of the Bělčice ore district, Bohemian Massif: evidence for incursion of metamorphic fluids into a granodiorite body and for isothermal mixing between two types of metamorphic fluids
    High bioproductivity at the Silurian/Devonian boundary - a global event?
    High-density nitrogen inclusions in barite from a giant siderite vein: implications for Alpine evolution of the Variscan basement of Western Carpathians, Slovakia
    Hydrogeochemistry of a deep gas-storage cavern, Czech Republic
    Hydrogeologie krasového systému pramen pod Domášovem - Tetínský vývěr: nová pozorování a data
    Hydrotermální alterace a mineralizace uranového ložiska Nahošín jz. od Blatné, Česká republika
    Hydrotermální asociace na žilách v klastických horninách spodního karbonu Drahanské a Zábřežské vrchoviny: genetické aspekty : 14-43 Mohelnice, 24-21 Jevíčko, 24-22 Olomouc, 24-23 Protivanov, 24-24 Prostějov, 24-41 Vyškov
    Hydrotermální mineralizace na lokalitě Pindula u Frenštátu pod Radhoštěm (slezská jednotka, Vnější Západní Karpaty)
    Hydrotermální mineralizace v hornině těšinitové asociace z Hodslavic u Nového Jičína (slezská jednotka, Vnější Západní Karpaty)
    Hydrotermální mineralizace v jílovcích lhoteckého souvrství u Choryně (slezská jednotka, Vnější Západní Karpaty)
    Hydrotermální mineralizace v jižní části Moravského krasu (24-41 Vyškov)
    Hydrothermal calcite veins and the origin of caves in the Lower Palaeozoic of the Barrandian Basin, Czech Republic: evidence of extensive (post?) Variscan fluid flow
    Hydrothermal mineralizations of the West-Bohemian region: P-T-X conditions of deposition and hydrothermal fluid sources
    Integrated magnetic susceptibility and geochemical record of d13C anomalies in the Berriasian and Valanginian sections from the Tethyan domain (Western Carpathians, Poland)
    Isotope reconstruction of plant palaeoecology. Case study of Cenomanian floras from Bohemia
    Isotopen- und hydrochemische Charakteristik der Mineralwasserprowinzen im Gebiet der Marianbad-Störungszone
    Isotopic composition of ground water in the SW part of the Upper Silesian Coal Basin within territories of Poland and Czech Republic
    Isotopic investigations on mineral waters and gaseous exhalations from the Marienbad fault zone
    Izotopické studium jeskynních karbonátů z Moravského krasu
    Izotopicky anomální vápenec z Hrabůvky a jeho srovnání s podobnými výskyty na Moravě (25-12 Hranice)
    Izotopově anomální sedimentární karbonátová hornina z Domašova n. Bystřicí (kulm Nízkého Jeseníku) : 25-11 Hlubočky
    Izotopové složení síry v sulfidech, uhlíku a kyslíku v karbonátech z mafických žilných hornin české části Krušných hor
    Karbonátem tmelené holocenní sutě u Otročiněvsi a Žloukovic
    Karbonátové facie barrandienského proterozoika
    Karbonátové facie východního okraje barrandienského svrchního proterozoika
    Late- to post-magmatic extensive alteration of the Fichtelgebirge granite pluton (NW Bohemian massif): evidences from mineral chemistry and stable isotope data
    Late Glacial and Holocene Climatic Record in a Stalagmite from the Holštejnská Cave (Moravian Karst, Czech Republic)
    Lavičky near Velké Meziříčí
    Li Isotopic Composition of Arc-Related Lavas from Viti Levu, Southern Fiji
    Li Isotopic Composition of Planktonic Foraminiferal Tests and their Host Sediments from ODP 926A
    Lithological and biological indicators of orbital changes in Tithonian and Lower Cretaceous sequences, Western Carpathians, Slovakia
    Lower Badenian sediments and fossils from some boreholes in the Carpathian Foredeep southwards of Brno (Czech Republic) - paleoecological and paleogeographic implications
    Magmatic history of granite-derived mylonites from the southern Desná Unit (Silesicum, Czech Republic)
    Magnetoclimalology: Teleconnection between the Siberian loess record and North Atlantic Heinrich events
    Mega-Xenocrysten im quartären Basalt des Eisenbühl- erste Untersuchungen an Fest- und Fluidenschlüssen
    Metamorfovaná barytová mineralizace z lomu v Dolních Loučkách u Tišnova (24-32 Brno)
    Metamorphic history of skarn in the Gföhl unit Moldanubicum, Bohemian Massif, and implications for their origin
    Metamorphic Origin of Hydrothermal Ore Fluids of Vein Mineralization in Gemeric belt, Western Carpathians
    Metamorphosed Cu-Mo mineralization at Vidly pod Pradědem, the Hrubý Jeseník Mts, Czech Republic
    Mineralogie a geneze epitermálních žil z lomu v Dolních Loučkách u Tišnova
    Mineralogie a geneze rudního výskytu od Nectavy
    Mineralogie a podmínky vzniku hydrotermální kalcit-baryt-chloritové mineralizace od Adamova (Brněnský masiv)
    Mineralogie a podmínky vzniku hydrotermální mineralizace v pikritu z Choryně u Valašského Meziříčí (slezská jednotka, Vnější Západní Karpaty)
    Mineralogie a podmínky vzniku tišnovských barytových žil (24-32 Brno)
    Mineralogy and formation conditions of the four types of hydrothermal mineralization from the quarry in Hrubá Voda (Moravo-Silesian Culm)
    Mineralogy, fluid inclusion, and stable isotope constraints on the genesis of the Roudný Au-Ag deposit, Bohemian Massif
    Mixing of metamorphic and surficial fluids during the uplift of the Hercynian upper crust: consequences for gold deposition
    Model aluviální jezerní sedimentace svrchního prosečenského souvrství, spodní perm, podkrkonošská pánev
    Molecular stable isotopic approaches in the geological environment: A breakthrough in minerogenetic studies. Examples on sediment-hosted ore deposits
    Mramory uzavřené v amfibolitech brněnského masivu u Želešic (jižní Morava) (24-34 Ivančice)
    Multistratigraphic Investigation on Cenomanian to Coniacian Sequences using a W-E Profile between Münsterland and Saxony : Part Saxony. 2. Cretaceous Sedimentacion - Research Reports
    Nález karbonátové horniny v lomu u Omic (brněnský masiv) (24-34 Ivančice)
    Nález neobvyklé mladší sideritové výplně rudní žíly v Hrabůvce (kulm Nízkého Jeseníku)
    Nedvědice I
    The Neoidic Fluorite Mineralization in the Brno Massif: Interaction between Fluid and Rock
    New data on the origin of Lower Cambrian Mo-Ni-PGE black shales in Guizhou Province, South China
    Nové petrografické, mineralogické a paleontologické výzkumy v lomu Podhůra (kra Maleníku, moravskoslezský kulm)
    Nové poznatky o genezi Au-mineralizací ve středočeské oblasti
    Nové trendy uplatnění geochemie v praxi
    Nové výsledky studia spodnobadenských sedimentů a fosilií z některých vrtů v karpatské předhlubni jižně od Brna (24-43 Šlapanice, 24-34 Ivančice)
    O čem se hovořilo na 28. mezinárodním geologickém kongresu
    Ore-forming processes and mineral parageneses of the Jáchymov ore district
    Origin of sulphate efflorescence from sandstone of the Bohemian Cretaceous Basin
    Origin of the dolomite mineralization from a pegmatite dike at Horni Bory, Moldanubicum, Czech Republic
    Origin of the Jurassic quartz geodes from the Moravian Karst: fluid inclusion and stable isotope study
    Origin of the neoidic fluorite mineralization in the Brno Massif, Czech Republic: cathodoluminescence, REE, fluid inclusion and stable isotope study
    Oxygen Isotope Climatic Record in a Carbonate Flowstone Layer from a Medieval Underground Mine in the Kutná Hora Ore District
    Palaeoenvironment of the Lower Permian lacustrine Kalná Horizon, north-eastern Bohemian Massif : Sedimentology and stable isotope signatures
    Paleoecology and Isotopic Analysis of Eggenburgian Molluscs from the SW Part of the Carpathian Foredeep in Moravia (Czech Republic)
    Paragenetická charakteristika hypogenních minerálních asociací uranového ložiska Zálesí u Javorníku ve Slezsku
    Paragenetická charakteristika ložisek Zn-Pb a Fe rud u Horního Benešova v Nízkém Jeseníku. Část I., Ložisko Zn-Pb rud
    Paragenetická charakteristika ložisek Zn-Pb rud v širším okolí Horního Města u Rýmařova (Nízký Jeseník)
    Pb-Zn mineralizace u Horních Louček na Tišnovsku
    Petrology and geochemistry of Variscan dykes from the Jáchymov (Joachimsthal) ore district, Czech Republic
    Pískovcové převisy středních a severních Čech: jejich vznik, vývoj a sedimenty
    Polymetallic mineralization in Svratka Dome (Moravicum, Czech Republic): Stable isotope and fluid inclusion study
    Post-magmatic hydrothermal alteration of igneous rocks of teschenite association (Silesian Unit, Outer Western Carpathians): Evidence from associated fracture and amygdule mineralization
    Post-magmatic hydrothermal mineralization associated with Cretaceous picrite (Outer Western Carpathians, Czech Republic): interaction between host rock and externally derived fluid
    Post-Variscan vein systems in the Prague Basin (Barrandian area, Czech Republic)
    Preliminary results of new investigation of Miocene sediments at Hostim (SW Moravia)
    Radiocarbon dating of holocene tufa deposits in the barrandian region, Central Bohemia
    Reconstruction of nitrate pollution of riverbank filtration Káraný using 15N and 18O isotopes
    A Record of Oceanic and Continental Stages in Evolution of the Sudetic Ophiolites - New Evidence from Stable Isotope Composition of Silicate Minerals
    Record of sea-level changes, oxygen depletion and the delta13C anomaly across the Cenomanian-Turonian boundary, Bohemian Cretaceous Basin
    Regional temperature trend in low temperature fluids: suggestions from stable isotopes and fluid inclusion data, Rhenohercynian Zone, Czech Republic
    Reply to comment on "Geochemical heterogeneity and isotope geochemistry of natural attenuation processes in a gasoline-contaminated aquifer at the Hnevice site, Czech Republic": report published in Hydrogeology Journal (2007) 15: 961-976, by Barbora Topinkova, Kamil Nesetril, Josef Datel, Ondrej Nol, Petr Hosl
    Retrográdně-metamorfní a hydrotermální alterace hornin na uranovém ložisku Rožná (24-13 Bystřice nad Pernštejnem)
    Revize výskytu nickamínku ve Velikonoční jeskyni u Týnčan
    Rock-forming minerals of polzenite and cognate melilitic rocks from Northern Bohemia, Czechoslovakia
    Rudní minerály dolomitových žil v hadcích letovického krystalinika
    Sea-level change, carbon cycling and palaeoclimate during the Late Cenomanian of northwest Europe : integrated palaeoenvironmental analysis
    Sea-level changes and geochemical anomalies across the Cenomanian-Turonian boundary: Pecínov quarry, Bohemia
    Seasonal dynamics of the river Elbe: fluxes from carbon- and strontium isotopes
    Sediment hosted Zn-Pb-Cu mineralization in siliciclastic rocks from Moravosilesian Paleozoic: fault controlled mineralizing fluids derived from evaporated seawater
    Sedimentary, biological and isotopic record of Early Aptian paleoclimate event in the Pieniny Klippen Belt, Slovak Western Carpathians
    Sedimentologie des kalkalpinen Mesozoikums in Salzburg und Oberösterreich (Jura, Kreide) : exkursion B1
    Sedimentology and orientation of tentaculite shells in turbidite lime mudstone to packstone: Lower Devonian, Barrandian, Bohemia
    Seminář o barrandienském proterozoiku
    Sfalerit různých genetických typů sulfidického zrudnění na uranovém ložisku Rožná
    Sfalerit z kalcitové vláknité žíly dobývacího překopu Amerika
    Siderite mineralization of the Gemericum superunit (Western Carpathians, Slovakia): review and a revised genetic model
    Similarity between C, N and S stable isotope profiles in European spruce forest soils: implications for the use of delta34S a tracer
    SO4'' an indicator of the impact of acid rain in the urban environment
    Sparkling mineral water at western rim of the Doupovské hory Mountains (Czech Republic): genesis by water-rock interaction and deep-seated CO2
    Spustil únik uhlovodíků globální oteplení?
    Stable isotope and fluid inclusion study of carbonate and siliceous sediments of the Barrandian Neoproterozoic
    Stable isotope and fluid inclusion study of epithermal polymetallic mineralization near Štěpánov nad Svratkou (Svratka Dome, Moravicum)
    Stable isotope record in Miocene fossils and sediments from Rohožník (Vienna Basin, Slovakia)
    Stable Isotope record in Miocene Fossils and Sediments from Rohožník (Vienna Basin, Slovakia)
    Stable isotope studies of miocene sediments and fossils from the Carpathian Foredeep in Moravia, Czech Republic
    Stable isotope study of vertical zoning of the Březové Hory (Příbram) vei hydrothermal deposit (Czechoslovakia)
    Stable isotopes and fluid inclusions in hydrothermal deposits: the Příbram ore region
    Stratigraphic variation of complex impurities in platform limestones and possible significance of atmospheric dust : a study with emphasis on gamma-ray spectrometry and magnetic susceptibility outcrop logging (Eifelian-Frasnian, Moravia, Czech Republic)
    Stromatolite-like cherts in the Barrandian Upper Proterozoic: A review
    Stručná charakteristika železnorudného výskytu Skály u Rýmařova, Nízký Jeseník
    Středověké doly oselského pásma v Kutné Hoře
    Sulfide mineralization of the Kutná Hora ore district; Bohemian Massif, Czech Republic : stable isotope and fluid inclusion study
    Sulfur isotope dynamics in two Central European watersheds affected by high atmospheric deposition of SOx
    Sulfur isotopes as a tracer in small catchment studies
    Sulfur metabolism in polluted Sphagnum peat bogs: a combined 34S-35S-210Pb study
    Sulphidic mineralization in the Polička crystalline complex: a discussion of the sediment-hosted type mineralization
    Sulphur isotope dynamics in present-day atmospheric deposition, forest canopy, forest soil and catchment discharge
    Sulphur isotopic study of two seismic sphagnum bogs i.t. west Brit. Isles
    Temporal and elevational patterns in 34S values of different types of atmospheric deposition in the Jezeří catchment, Czech Republic
    Tertiary Pb-Zn-Cu (Ag, Te) mineralization in the Roztoky volcanic centre, Bohemian Massif, Czech Republic: A genetic model
    Three types of skarn in the northern part of the Moldanubian Zone, Bohemian Massif - implications for their origin
    Tin-polymetallic sulfide deposits in the eastern part of the Dachang tin field (South China) and the role of black shales in their origin
    The Upper Turonian of the Bohemian Cretaceous Basin (Czech Republic) exemplified by the Úpohlavy working quarry: integrated stratigraphy and palaeoceanography of a gateway to the Tethys
    Valanginský anoxický event ve slezské jednotce doložený podle stabilních izotopů uhlíku
    Variscan hydrothermal veins in the Prague synform (Barrandien area)
    Vein-type hydrothermal deposits of the Bohemian Massif: Evolution of hydrothermal fluid sources and relation to extension events in the crust
    Volcanism on Anafi island : short living, extensional, hydromagmatic volcanism in the central part of the South Aegean volcanic chain (Greece)
    Využití těžkých minerálů při studiu alochtonních klastických jeskynních sedimentů Českého krasu
    Vývoj povariských fluid v lomech u Nejdku, Jakubčovic a Bohučovic v Nízkém Jeseníku : 15-34 Vítkov, 25-12 Hranice
    Význam grafickej analýzy hydrogeochemických dát pri interpretácii pôvodu minerálnych vôd flyšového pásma a predhlbne Západných Karpát
    Vznik skarnů Holšice a Zliv v Posázaví, moldanubikum
    Wagnerite in a cordierite-gedrite gneiss: Witness of long-term fluid-rock interaction in the continental crust (Ile d'Yeu, Armorican Massif, France)
    Westernmost occurrence of the Middle Miocene Badenian gypsum in central Paratethys (Kobeřice, Moravia, Czech Republic). Evaporite Formations of the carpathians Mts.. Part I. - Badenian
    Die westliche Zentral-Paratethys an der Wende Eozän/Oligozän - Ozeanographie eines Randmeeres und Bildung von Erdölmuttergesteinen
    Základní charakteristika fluid z hydrotermální mineralizace u Hrabůvky, Nízký Jeseník (25-12 Hranice)
    Zanieczyszczenie wód podziemnych związkami azotowymi na obszarze Pragi - zastosowanie izotopów 15N i 18O
    Zdroj, přenos a ukládání kovů
    Zlaté Hory ve Slezsku - největší rudní revír v Jeseníkách. Část 2., C. Geologie D. Mineralogie E. Geochemie stabilních izotopů