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    Heat flow variation with depth in Poland: evidence from equilibrium temperature logs in 2.9-km-deep well Torun-1
    Lithospheric structure of the Carpathian Mountains, Pannonian basin and Eastern Alps based on seismic data
    Mantle lithosphere of Precambrian cratons and Phanerozoic regions - different fabrics expressed in seismic anisotropy
    Mapy tektoniczne zamiast regionalizacji tektonicznej Polski
    Microstructure, EBSD-Measured Texture and Seismic Properties of Mantle Eclogite FRB 1300 from the Premier Mine, Kaapvaal Craton, South Africa
    Morfotektonika epikratonního křídla kolizních předhlubní na příkladu jihovýchodního okraje Českého masívu
    Neoproterozoic crustal reworking in two high-grade units of the Pan-African Kaoko belt, NW Namibia
    Neoproterozoic-Early Paleozoic evolution of peri-Gondwanan terranes: implications for Laurentia-Gondwana connections
    A new natural LPO type of clipopyroxene: evidence from EBSD study of eclogite xenoliths from Kaapvaal craton, South Africa
    Oblique Collision and the Evolution of Large-Scale Transcurrent Shear Zones in the Neoproterozoic Kaoko Belt (NW Namibia)
    Recent tectonic stress field investigations in Poland: a state of the art
    Tectonomagmatic evolution of Western Amazonia: Geochemical characterization and zircon U-Pb geochronologic constraints from the Peruvian Eastern Cordilleran granitoids