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    kyseliny organické
    Acid-base characteristics of aquatic organic acids in the runoff from a peatland affected by high acidic deposition
    Biogeochemistry of two basic types of model areas contaminated by heavy metals
    Carbonates and oxalates in sediments and landfill: monitors of death and decay in natural and artificial systems
    The chemistry of amber - facts, findings and opinions
    The effects of S/L ratio on trace element mobilization from bentonite to wine
    Organic solutes and the recovery of a bog stream from chronic acidification
    Raman spectroscopy as a tool for the non-destructive identification of organic minerals in the geological record
    The role of organic acids in heavily acidified brown waters
    Some Specific Geochemical Properties of Humic Fulvo- and Aminoacids in Relation to Black Shale
    Štúdium migračných schopností niektorých prvkov na báze organických komplexov