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    The conifer Brachyphyllum squammosum from the Bohemian Cenomanian
    Fortopteris radnicensis (Němejc) Boersma, comb. nov. from the Upper Carboniferous of Czech Republic
    A highly diverse trilobite fauna with Avalonian affinities from the Middle Cambrian Acidusus atavus Zone (Drumian Stage) of Bornholm, Denmark
    Revision of the type material in the genus Nathorstia Heer (Filicales)
    The role of types in palaeobotanical nomenclature
    Supplements and corrections of New index of the genera, subgenera, and species of Barrandian trilobites (Vaněk et Valíček, 2001, 2002)
    Type specimenns of fossils in the National Museum, Prague vol.2, palaeozoic crinoidea, supplement 1991-1997