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    The actual geodynamic situation in the eastern part of the Cheb basin from the view of mantle derived fluids
    Alkalické subvulkanické horniny roztockého intruzívního centra v Českém středohoří
    Analogue and numerical modelling of shape fabrics: application to strain and flow determination in magmas
    Analogue modeling of AMS development during emplacement of shallow level volcanic bodies (extrusive domes and laccoliths)
    Basalt dykes of the Brno massif, Moravia, Czech Republic
    The Behaviour of Tin, Tungsten and Molybdenum in Felsic Magmas
    Beryllium in Silicic Magmas and the Origin of Beryl-Bearing Pegmatites
    The Central Bohemian Plutonic Complex : A multi-generation intrusive complex with locally developed mafic-silicic layered magma chambers
    Gabbros and diorites related to the "South Bohemian Pluton"
    General Remarks on Variscan Tectonics in the Sudetes Mts. and their Foreland
    The generation and emplacement of the reversely-zoned Říčany granitoid intrusion in the Hercynian Central Bohemian Pluton, Czech Republic
    Genetic models for metallogenetic specialization of tin and tungsten deposits associated with the Krušné hory (Erzgebirge) granite batholith of Central Europe
    Geochemical Signature of Subduction-related Processes in Composition of Variscan Intrusive Rocks of the Bohemian Massif
    Geochemistry of Calc-alkaline Volcanic Rocks in relation to deep structure of Ecuador and Southern Colombia
    Grain-scale processes in actively deforming magma mushes: New insights from electron backscatter diffraction (EBSD) analysis of biotite schlieren in the Jizera granite, Bohemian Massif
    High density fluid inclusions of magmatic water in phenocrysts from rhyolite of the Štiavnica Stratovolcana (Central Slovakia)
    Hochfraktionierte Subvulkanite des spätvariszischen Extensionsregimes im Erzgebirge und Kaiserwald
    Izotopové zloženie síry molybdenitu z lokalít Malé Železné, Tisovec, Hnilec a Rochovce v Západných Karpatoch
    Korelace českých a rakouských typologických studií granitoidů moldanubického plutonu
    Kumulace apatitu v hauynickém nefelinitu ze Slánské hory
    Late-orogenic magmatism in the southern Bohemian Massif - geochemical and isotopic constraints on possible sources and magma evolution
    The late-stage miniflood of Ca in granitic pegmatites: an open-system acid-reflux model involving plagioclase in the exocontact
    Magmatic erosion of the solidification front during reintrusion: the eastern margin of the Tuolumne batholith, Sierra Nevada, California
    Magnetic Fabric and Magma Flow in Some Mafic Dikes of the Central Bohemian Pluton and its Surroundings
    Melt formation and intrusion mechanisms of Hercynian granites in the Erzgebirge/Krušné hory
    Melt inclusions in quartz from the Karkonosze granitoids
    Minettes of the Železné hory mountains (Iron Mts.), Eastern Bohemia
    Movement of rigid inclusions in viscous fluids: results, problems and perspectives of numerical modelling
    Některé poznatky o vývoji alkalických magmat
    Nové poznatky o hodrušskom intruzívnom komplexe
    Observations on a molybdenite-bearing vein-dyke from the Krupka Sn-W-Mo district in the Eastern Krušné hory (Erzgebirge), Czech Republic
    On the Applicability of Theoretical Models of the Motion of Crystals in Viscous Magma
    The Origin of Blatná Granodiorite
    Origin of late Variscan granitoids from NE Bavaria, Germany, exemplified by REE and Nd isotope systematics
    Petrogenesis and Age Determination of the Hodruša Granodiorite (Hodruša Hámre, Štiavnické vrchy Mts., Czecho-Slovakia)
    The petrology and geochemistry of the metaophiolitic rocks of Staré Město crystalline unit
    Physicochemical parameters of granite formation and related tin-tungsten-molybdenum mineralizations in the Erzgebirge, north-western edge of the Bohemian Massif
    Podlesí - the story of material and structural evolution of fluorine- and phosphorus-rich granite magma
    Pre-Hercynian granitic magmatism on the northern border of the Bohemian Massif
    Rare elements in Hercynian basic magmatic series and their tectonic and metallogenic importance at northern border of the Bohemian Massif
    Rôle des magmas dans ľexhumation des racines orogéniques: ľexemple de la terminaison NE de la chaîne varisque
    Říčany granite (Central Bohemian Pluton) and its ocelli- and ovoids-bearing mafic enclaves
    Some exotic mineral assemblages of West-Moravian pegmatites
    Strižné zóny v magmatických horninách
    Struktury póznych etapów umiejscowienia magm granitu Karkonoszy
    Superheat in silicate melts - causes and consequences
    Textural and chemical evolution of a fractionated granitic system: the Podlesí stock, Czech Republic
    Two-stage anatexis and interaction between mafic intrusion and semipelites in the West-Bohemian Neoproterozoic
    Typology and internal structure of zircons from the granites of the Krušné hory-Erzgebirge batholith and associated rhyolite and granite porphyry
    Uranium mineralization in the western part of the Bohemian Massif
    Volcanic activity in Late Variscan Krkonoše Piedmont Basin: petrological and geochemical constraints
    Výsledky petrochemického studia krystalinických exotik račanské jednotky magurského flyše (24-44 Bučovice, 25-31 Kroměříž, 25-33 Uherské Hradiště, 25-13 Přerov, 25-14 Valašské Meziříčí)
    Wall-Rock-Derived Zircon Xenocrysts as Important Indicator Minerals of Magma Contamination in the Freistadt Granodiorite Pluton, Northern Austria
    The western Erzgebirge-Vogtland granites: implications to the Hercynian magmatism in the Erzgebirge-Fichtelgebirge anticlinorium
    Zoned phlogopites rimmed by biotite in minettes from Krhanice village, Czechoslovakia