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    AMS Fabric Study of Melt Migration from Metasedimentary and Orthogneiss Migmatites to Crustally Derived Granites: An Example from Southern Vosges
    Biomarker oil-to-source rock correlation in the Western Carpathians and their foreland, Czech Republic
    Changes in the composition of the European snake fauna during the Early Miocene and at the Early/Middle Miocene transition
    Climate changes in the Early to Middle Miocene of the Central Paratethys and the origin of its echinoderm fauna
    Composition and origin of coalbed gases in the Upper Silesian and Lublin basins, Poland
    Contamination of soils and groundwater by petroleum hydrocarbons and volatile organic compounds - Case study: ELSLAV BRNO
    Control of paths of quaternary volcanic products in western Bohemian Massif by rejuvenated Variscan triple junction of ancient microplates
    Dalmanitoidní a acastoidní trilobiti pražské pánve jako indikátory migrací fauny v rámci rheického oceánu
    Depositional record of an avulsive fluvial system controlled by peat compaction (Neogene, Most Basin, Czech Republic)
    Development of the Carpathian Foredeep in Poland
    The Early Permian Branchiosaurids (Amphibia) of Sardinia (Italy): systematic palaeontology, palaeoecology, biostratigraphy and palaeobiogeographic problems
    Evolutionary history of hoofed mammals during the Oligocene-Miocene transition in Western Europe
    Foraminiferal fauna and climatic oscillations in Late Devonian and Early Carboniferous
    Geodynamický model styku Českého masivu a Západních Karpat (úkol VaV/630/1/97)
    Geology and hydrocarbon resources of the Outer Western Carpathians and their foreland, Czech Republic
    Geophysical methods in exploration and decontamination of oil-polluted areas
    Glacial Cycles and Mammalian Biodiversity of Central Europe: Large Scale Migrations or Vicariance Dynamics?
    Hluboká horká biosféra : nad knihou Thomase Golda "The deep hot biosphere"
    Holocenní faunogeneze vs. dentální fenotyp hrabošů
    Hydraulic Fracturing Control of Melt Migration in Pervasively Molten and Deformed Crust: AMS Fabric Study, Central Vosges
    Hydrothermal Mineralization Beneath the Upper Silesian Basin, Czech Republic: The Record of a Possible Tectonic Driving Fluid Flow
    Incisor enamel microstructure and its implications to higher-level systematics of Eurasian Oligocene and Early Miocene hamsters (Rodentia)
    Infiltration of silicate melts in to [p.e. into] the continental crust: microstructural, thermodynamic and geochemical approach
    Koncepce devonských ostrovních elevací a vývoj porozit v macošském souvrství
    Migrace paleofluid v granitoidních horninách: studium fluidních inkluzí v horninách a žilách melechovského masivu (23-12 Ledeč nad Sázavou)
    Migration of events during the January 1997 earthquake swarm (the West Bohemia/Vogtland region)
    Miocene small mammals from Jebel Zelten, Libya
    Některé aspekty migrace chlorovaných etylénů na příkladu lokalit v karpatské předhlubni
    Occurrence and significance of Cenomanian belemnites in the lower Danubian Cretaceous Group (Bavaria, southern Germany)
    On Late Oligocene to Pliocene depocentre migrations and the evolution of the Carpathian-Pannonian system
    Palaeoecology and palaeogeographic relations of the Silurian phragmoceratids (Nautiloidea, Cephalopoda) of the Prague Basin (Bohemia)
    Palaeogeographical controls on the Cambrian trilobite immigration and evolutionary patterns reported in the western Gondwana margin
    Paleozoic lake faunas: Establishing aquatic life on land
    Patterns of ostracod migration for the 'North Atlantic' region during the Ordovician
    Pirenella moravica (M. Hoernes) (Mollusca, Gastropoda) in the Eggenburgian in South Moravia and Lower Austria
    Po stopách skrytých refugií
    Post 2000-swarm microearthquake activity in the principal focal zone of West Bohemia/Vogtland: Space-time distribution and waveform similarity analysis
    Postmagmatické procesy v durbachitech jihlavského masivu
    Rapid migration of heavy metals and 137Cs in alluvial sediments, Upper Odra River valley, Poland
    Response of a fluvial Depositional System to Unequal Compaction of Underlying Peat (Neogene, Most Basin, Czech Republic)
    Sediment hosted Zn-Pb-Cu mineralization in siliciclastic rocks from Moravosilesian Paleozoic: fault controlled mineralizing fluids derived from evaporated seawater
    Some factors affecting hydrocarbon potential of the Carpathian Tertiary accretionary complex and fore-arc basin (Slovakia)
    The study of gas migration in crystalline rock using injection tests
    Tournasian-Lower Visean Calcareous Foraminifera: Biostratigraphy and Palaeogeography
    Vetřelci o jedné noze : expanze a invaze plžů i mlžů
    Volcanic floras in the Palaeogene of Central Europe
    Všechno je jinak : "centrální paradigma" kvartérní paleoekologie v troskách?
    Vývoj kenozoické hadí fauny Evropy
    Woher kommt das Erdöl zwischen Bodensee und Mähren : eine geochemische Spurensuche