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    Activities of Czech geomorphologists in the Research Centre for Earth Dynamics
    Czech permanent GPS observatories for geodynamic investigations of the Bohemian Massif operated by the Institute of Rock Structure and Mechanics, Prague
    Data processing of GNSS observations of the GEONAS network - effects of extreme meteorological conditions
    Geo-kinematics of Central and South-East Europe resulting from combination of various regional GPS velocity fields
    Geomagnetic Pc3 pulsations during the total solar eclipse on Aug 11, 1999
    Impact of Sumatra 2004 earthquake on geodynamic station GOPE (Czech Republic)
    Long-term positional monitoring of station VYHL of the Sněžník Network
    Monitoring, modelling and study of environmental fate of persistent organic compounds in the Kosetice observatory, south Bohemia - the results of 14 years project
    Monitoring of permanent GPS stations at the Sudety Mountains
    New permanent GPS observatories Sněžka (SNEZ) and Biskupská kupa (BISK)
    Note to remote control of GPS observatory using GSM modem
    On the use permanent GPS stations in geodynamics
    The quality of meteorological observations and tropospheric delay from EPN/IGS permanent stations located in the Sudety Mountains and in the adjacent areas
    Results of integrated monitoring at the Czech ICP-IM station Košetice Observatory
    Transmission and continuosly recorded data from remote GPS permanent stations to IRSM central unit