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    planeta Země
    3D hybrid ray-FD and DWN-FD seismic modelling for simple models containing complex local structures
    Angular velocity of tectonic plates determined by non-rigorous combination of space geodetic techniques
    An asteroid breakup 160 Myr ago as the probable source of the K/T impactor
    Asteroids: Their composition and impact threat
    Atmospheric effects in the derivation of geoid-generated gravity anomalies
    Bludné mořské víry a evropské klima : jak se tělo Golfského proudu domlouvá s oceánem
    Changes in moment of inertia due to mantle circulation
    Chicxulub je asi dvojitý a Popigaj má bratříčky : netradiční pomoc při vyhledávání impaktních kráterů na Zemi
    Combination of different space geodesy techniques for EOP and terrestrial reference frame determination
    Combining GPS and VLBI measurements of celestial motion of the Earth´s spin axis and universal time
    Comparison of solar and geomagnetic activity effects on the northern hemisphere weather changes
    The composition of the Earths lower mantle and the bulk composition of the Moon?
    Conditionality of inverse solutions to discretised integral equations in geoid modelling from local gravity data
    Coriolis´ force in the Earth´s solid tidal dynamics
    Člověk a geologický vývoj Země
    Člověk jako největší geologický činitel - šok z náhleho prozření
    Deep structure, seismicity pattern and subduction generated concentration of metals in continental wedges overlying convergent plate margins
    Detection of Earth impact craters aided by the detailed global gravitational model EGM2008
    Direct modeling of the gravitational field using harmonic series
    Earth orientation parameters and station coordinates from space geodasy techniques
    Earth's dimension specified by geoidal geopotential
    Effect of lateral viscosity vartiations in the core-mantle boundary region on predictions of the long-wavelength geoid
    Explicit formula for the geoid-quasigeoid separation
    A feasibility of absolute gravity measurements in geodynamics
    Geomagnetic activity and the global temperature
    Geomagnetic Pc3 pulsations during the total solar eclipse on Aug 11, 1999
    Global ellipsoid-referenced topographic, bathymetric and stripping corrections to gravity disturbance
    A global vertical reference frame based on four regional vertical datums
    Globální struktura hustoty v zemském plášti
    Gravity disturbances in regions of negative heights: A reference quasi-ellipsoid approach
    The hypothesis on the Earth´s expansion in the light of space geodesy results
    Identification of magnetic minerals by scanning electron microscope and application of ferrofluid
    IERS and its importance for global geodynamics
    Implementation of the Vondrak's smoothing in the combination of results of different space geodesy techniques
    Limits of global change of the cosmological environment since the origin of the Earth
    Lithium isotope fractionation in the terrestrial planets
    Long-term variations in the second sectorial stokes harmonics on the basis of TOPEX/POSEIDON altimetry between 1993 and 2000
    Long-wavelength character of subducted slabs in the lower mantle
    Matrix pseudospectral method for elastic tides modeling of planetary bodies
    Mean Earth´s equipotential surface from TOPEX/POSEIDON altimetry
    Mezinárodní rok planety Země 2008
    Mezinárodní rok planety Země je výzvou vědců světové veřejnosti
    Modelling of rapidly rotating thermal convenction using vorticity and vector potential
    Motions and deformations of tectonic plates inferred from the ITRF 2005
    New constraints on the lithium isotope compositions of the Moon and terrestrial planets
    Notes on global quasistatic changes in the ocean-atmosphere system
    On the determination of the Earth's model - the mean equipotential surface
    On the research into figure and dynamics of the Earth, Moon, and planets
    On the target function in combining terrestrial and satellite gravity field data
    PC1 with a broad frequency spectrum - "Goose pulsations"
    Professor Burša and quasigeoid determination in Czechoslovakia
    Prohnaný trik matky přírody: globálním oteplením do nového glaciálu
    Prověření některých předpokládaných vztahů mezi slapy a magnetismem planet
    Quasi-diurnal atmospheric and oceanic excitation of nutation
    Quasigeoids for the territory of the Czech Republic
    The recognition of terrestrial impact structures
    Relation of the wave-propagation metric tensor to the curvatures of the slowness and ray-velocity surfaces
    Resolution tests of global geodynamic models by travel-time tomography
    Resonant period of free core nutation - its observed changes and excitations
    Satellite altimetry in the Center of Earth Dynamics Research
    Second-order and higher-order perturbations of travel time in isotropic and anisotropic media
    Second tesseral harmonic torque due to the dynamics of the oceanic surface layer as detected by TOPEX/POSEIDON altimetry 1993-2000
    Shock metamorphism of some minerals: Basic introduction and microstructural observations
    Simultaneous determination of Earth orientation parameters and station coordinates from combination of results of different observation techniques
    Solární oteplování
    Stability of period and quality factor of free core nutation
    Study of atmospheric and oceanic excitations in the motion of Earth's spin axis in space
    Zemská tíže z vesmíru : družice CHAMP, GRACE a GOCE