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    3-D investigation of rock fabrics by deformation measurement, ultrasonic sounding, neutron diffraction and petrographic image analysis
    3-D monitoring of microdisplacements in the zone of Euroasian and African collision
    3D hybrid ray-FD and DWN-FD seismic modelling for simple models containing complex local structures
    22. zasedání Evropské seizmologické komise
    100-year Anniversary of the First International Seismological Conference
    The 1855 Visp (Switzerland) earthquake: early attempts of earthquake intensity classification
    Active tectonic structures in the W part of Slovenia - setting of micro-deformation monitoring net
    The actual geodynamic situation in the eastern part of the Cheb basin from the view of mantle derived fluids
    ALP 2002 experiment - 2D raytracing modelling and seismic tomography of selected profiles
    Ambiguous moment tensors and radiation patterns in anisotropic media with applications to the modeling of earthquake mechanisms in W-Bohemia
    Amplitude spectra of seismograms recorded at equal epicentral distances from blast in NW Bohemia
    Amplitude spectra of surface waves generated by shot-hole explosions
    Analysis of factors forming the groundwater regime in the West Bohemian seismoactive region
    Analysis of short-period Rayleigh waves recorded in the Bohemian Massif area during CELEBRATION 2000 experiment
    Analytical Expression for Fresnel Volumes and Interface Fresnel Zones of Seismic Body Waves. Part 1: Direct und Unconverted Reflected Waves
    Analytical Expressions for Fresnel Volumes and Interface Fresnel Zones of Seismic Body Waves. Part 2: Transmitted and Converted Waves. Head Waves
    Analytical partial derivatives of the phase- and group velocities for Rayleigh waves propagating in a layer on a half-space
    Analýza životního prostředí střední a východní Evropy
    Anisotropy of European lithosphere and its changes associated with suture zones
    Anisotropy of seismic waves in the uppermost part of the Earth crust
    Anomalous propagation of refracted waves beneath the Orlík water reservoir, Czech Republic
    Aplikace studia zemětřesení v Československu v praxi
    Application of a digital apparatus MARS 88 in the monitoring field regime
    Application of geophysical methods in the study of landslide movements, taking into account geological conditions in the Sudety Mountains
    Approaches to the energy classification of mining-induced seismic events in the Ostrava-Karviná Coal Basin
    Approximate conditions for the off-axis triplication in transversely isotropic media
    Assessment of maximum earthquake intensities and design response spectra for localities in Czech Republic
    Assessment of rockburts parameters inferred from in-situ observations
    An attempt of seismic hazard evaluation based on the extracted deposit amount at the Doubrava Colliery (Czechoslovakia)
    Attenuation of coda wawes in the Ostrava region
    Automatizace vyhodnocovacích postupů při vyšetřování seizmické aktivity v OKR
    Beginnings of regular seismic service and research in the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy. Part I
    Beginnings of regular seismic service and research in the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy. Part II
    BOHEMIA 2001-2003 : passive seismic experiment to sudy lithosphere-astenosphere system in the western part of the Bohemian Massif
    Broadband observations of PS conversions from the Upper Mantle in Eurasia
    Bullen's parameter "éta": a link between seismology and geodynamical modelling
    CELEBRATION 2000: Huge Seismic Experiment in Central Europe
    Chronologický model neotektonických pohybů ve střední Evropě
    Co víme o indukovaných otřesech na Příbramsku
    Comparison of field and laboratory seismic velocity anisotropy measurement (scaling factor)
    The complex evolution of the Western Outer Carpathians: implications of flexure- and gravity modelling
    Comprehensive geophysical research of the seismogenic western part of the Bohemian Massif
    Compression of earthquake records using wavelet transform
    Construction of the Moho Discontinuity Map
    Contemporary methological technical experience from operation of the seismoacoustic monitoring system in the ČSA Colliery in Karviná
    Continental mantle lithosphere: mosaic of microplates constrained by consistent seismic anisotropy
    Continuous gas monitoring in the West Bohemian earthquake area, Czech Republic
    Contribution of local seismic networks to the regional velocity model of the Bohemian Massif
    Contribution of the Institute of Geonics of the ASCR Ostrava to seismological monitoring in Silesia and northern Moravia
    A contribution to discussion on lower limitation of energy-frequency distribution
    Contribution to experimental geomechanical and seismological measurements in the Jeroným Mine
    Control of Cenozoic intra-plate volcanic phenomena by healed boundaries of ancient micro-continents distinguished by different orientations of seismic anisotropy of mantle lithosphere
    Coupling ray series
    The crust-mantle transition and the Moho beneath the Vogtland/West Bohemian region in the light of different seismic methods
    Crustal structure at the western edge of the Bohemian Massif in the light of different seismic methods
    Crustal structure of the eastern Variscides, especially of the Saxothuringian Zone (Erzgebirge - Mid German Crystalline Zone)
    Crustal structure of the Erzgebirge
    Crustal structure of the NE Bohemian Massif (Sudetes) - A teleseismic receiver function study
    Crustal structure of the Saxothuringian Zone : results of the deep seismic profile MVE-90 (East) : the deep reflection seismic profiles DEKOPR 3/MVE-90
    Crustal temperatures along the Central Segment of the European Geotraverse
    Čím nás mohou zemětřesení ještě překvapit
    Data transmission from seismic stations via network AGNES using GSM-GPRS technology
    Decade of seismological observations in the northern part of Moravo-Silesian region
    The deep crustal and upper mantle structure the Bohemian Massif as seen by receiver functions
    Deep Seismic Sounding in Czechoslovakia
    Deep seismics in West Bohemia
    Deep Structure of the Bohemian Massif from Phase Velocities of Seismic Surface Waves
    Deep Structure of the Lithosphere in the Western Part of the Bohemian Massif
    Deep structure, seismicity pattern and subduction generated concentration of metals in continental wedges overlying convergent plate margins
    Department of Geodynamics
    Determination of seismograph system transfer functions by inversion of transient and steady-state calibration responses
    Differences between earthquakes and explosion sources in North Western Bohemia
    Discovery of fluid conduits in the seismically active Počátky-Plesná fault zone (western Eger Rift, Czech Republic) : results and hazard potential
    Discussion of the features of synthetic amplitude - distance curves of teleseismic P waves for global Earth models
    Dispersion of Rayleigh wawes along the Prague-Warsaw profile
    Displacements registered around the 13 March 2006 Vrbové earthquake M=3.2 (Western Carpathians)
    Displaying 3-D objects in seismology using PEX library
    Earthquake swarm 2008 in the West Bohemia/Vogtland region with respect to previous seismicity
    Earthquake Swarms in the Major Focal Zone of the West Bohemia/Vogtland Seismoactive Region
    Earthquake swarms in the western part of the Bohemian Massif and their link with crustal fluids
    Earthquakes in the Czech Republic and surrounding regions in 1995-1999
    Earthquakes in the Czech Republic since 2000
    Earthquakes in the Jeseníky Mts in 1986
    Earthquakes in the Northeastern Part of the Bohemian Massif Recorded by the MORC Station during the Period October 1994-March 1995
    Earthquakes on the Eastern Margin of the Bohemian Massif Recorded by the stations of the IPE Brno
    Eastern Boundary of European Variscides : Large-Scale Oblique Continental Collision Zone
    Effect of lateral viscosity vartiations in the core-mantle boundary region on predictions of the long-wavelength geoid
    Efficiency of individual CRL stations in seismic monitoring of the western Gulf of Corinth
    Einfluss seismischer Ereignisse auf die Isotopie von Quellgasen - erste Ergebnisse
    Energy Characteristic of Mining Induced Seismic Events (in the Czech Part of the Upper Silesian Basin)
    Engineering-geological evaluation of climatic effects in the cyclic character of slope movement activity
    Erdbeben entlang der Finne- und Gera-Jáchymov-Störung in Thüringen und Sachsen : fallbeispiel: Das Beben am 28.09.1993 bei Gera
    Erratum to: "The West Bohemian 2008-Earthquake Swarm: When, where, what size and data, Stud. Geophys. Geod., 53, 351-358"
    Errors due to the common ray approximations of the coupling ray theory
    Evaluation of ultrasound emission foci in loading rock samples
    Experimental determination of acceleration decay of seismic vibrations in the Bohemian Massif
    Experimental determination of the effect of H2O on the 410-km seismic discontinuity
    Experimental local seismic network in the A.Zápotocký Mine of the Ostrava-Karviná Coal Field
    Explanation of the anomalous energy propagation of East Alpine transversal quakes
    Finite Diffrence Schemes Adaption for Full Wave Equation Migration
    First macroseismic map in Transalpine Europe (1810 Mór earthquake in the Pannonian Basin)
    First steps for monitoring on possibly active fault zone in East Rhodopes, Bulgaria
    Fluid induced earthquakes : KTB experiments and Vogtlandt seismicity swarms?
    Frenštát seismic network and its contribution to observations of the natural and induced seismicity on the territory of Northern Moravia and Silesia
    Further evidences for slabs in the lower mantle
    Fyzikální představy o příčinách a vzniku zemětřesení
    Generalized average of signals (GAS) - a new method for detection of very weak waves in seismograms
    Geodynamical implications from the correlation of surface geology and seismic tomographic structure
    Geoinformační potenciál kaňonu Labe v Děčínské vrchovině
    Geological and Petrologic Models of the Earth's Crust Beneath Czechoslovakia
    Geologická stavba flyšového podloží vídeňské pánve
    Geologický a tektonický vývoj oblasti střední Evropy
    Geomechanical and geophysical monitoring as basic for creating the physical model
    Geophysical and Geological Model of the Contact Area of the Bohemian Massif and Carpathian Flysh Belt
    Geophysical pattern of the Bohemian Massif
    Geothermal crustal models at some regions in Egypt
    Gravimetry and seismotectonics - an example from the Bohemian Massif
    How many seismographs do we need to record ground motion at a station?
    How much can we trust some moment tensors or an attempt of seismic moment error estimation - 2 data reinterpretation, methodology improvement
    How much can we trust some moment tensors or an attempt of seismic moment error estimation
    Hranice bloků plášťové litosféry v západní části Českého masivu jako přívodní kanály mladého vulkanismu
    The impact of seismic events on thermal springs
    Impact of Sumatra 2004 earthquake on geodynamic station GOPE (Czech Republic)
    Implementation of the Seismic Subroutine Packages MODEL and CRT to UNIX Operating System
    The importance of radiative heat transfer on superplumes in the lower mantle with the new post-perovskite phase change
    In-situ velocities versus laboratory measurements: an example from the KTB pilot and main wells
    Inference of viscosity from the oceanic geoid : Indication of a low viscosity zone below the 660 km discontinuity
    The influence of rheological weakening and yield stress on the interaction of slabs with the 370 km discontinuity
    The influence of rocks on the dynamic characteristic of elastic waves
    Influence of the load wavelength on the permeability of a viscosity interface in the mantle
    Informační a poradenské středisko Báňské měřické základny VŠB o vlivech hornické činnosti na životní prostředí
    Inhomogeneous harmonic plane waves in viscoelastic anisotropic media
    Instrument for monitoring spectral acceleration on response seismic ground motion
    Interactive program for kinematic problems in laterally heterogeneous media
    Interactive seismic viewer "OP" - short review
    Interpretation of the dispersion curves of short-period Rayleigh waves observed in the West Carpathians
    Inversion of travel times obtained during active seismic refraction experiments CELEBRATION 2000, ALP 2002 and SUDETES 2003
    Inženýrskogeologický rozbor vlivu klimatu na cyklické změny aktivity svahových pohybů
    Jak vzniká zemětřesení
    Joint inversion of P receiver functions, Rayleigh and Love waves group velocities and gravity measurements in West Bohemia region
    The k-2 rupture model parametric study: example of the 1999 Athens earthquake
    Když se svět třese
    The Krakatau volcano 125 years after the catastrophic eruption (August 27, 1883)
    The KTB location and models of the crustal structure
    A layered model of the upper crust in the Aigion region of Greece, inferred from arrival times of the 2001 earthquake sequence
    Lithospheric thermal regimes in Europe
    Local determination of weak anisotropy parameters from walkaway VSP qP-wave data in the Java Sea region
    Local seismic observations at stations Nový Kostel and Skalná, and their interpretation: period 1986-93
    Local seismicity and upper crust structure in the West Bohemian seismic swarm region
    Long memory of mantle lithosphere fabric - LAB constraints from seismic anisotropy
    Long-wavelength character of subducted slabs in the lower mantle
    Lower mantle thermal structure deduced from seismic tomography, mineral physics and numerical modelling
    Macroseismic Fields and the Main Directions of Structures
    The macroseismic map of the 1992 Roermond earthquake, the Netherlands
    A Main Features of Geophysical Structures in Central Europe
    Main Results of the project: Results obtained on individual topics
    Major boundaries in the continental mantle lithosphere detected by seismic anisotropy and their role in accumulation of metals in the crust
    Mantle lithosphere control of crustal tectonics and magmatism of the western Ohře (Eger) Rift
    Mantle lithosphere of Precambrian cratons and Phanerozoic regions - different fabrics expressed in seismic anisotropy
    Mantle Lithosphere of the French Massif Central: Three Domains Derived from Seismic Anisotropy
    Mapping seismic anisotropy of mantle lithosphere: Bohemian Massif (central Europe) as Variscan assembly of micro-plates
    Mechanické vlastnosti nadložních pískovců Dolu Kladno 2
    Medaile Ernsta Macha
    Methodology of measuring seismoacoustic emission by the measuring apparatus MDSA in the underground coal mines of the Ostrava-Karviná Coal Field
    Microseismic array in the epicentral area of Kraslice
    Microseismic array in the epicentral area of Kraslice
    Mobile sensor of rotational movement for seismology
    Model of the Deep Lithosphere Structure
    Model testing of the reliability of seismic hazard assessment based on seismostatistical and seismotectonic methods
    Modifications of the Dispersion Relations for Surface Waves in a Layer on a half-Space
    Monitoring of earthquakes and hydro-parameters of healing springs in the West Bohemia spa region
    Monitoring of strain accumulation along active faults in the Eastern Gulf of Corinth: instruments and network SETUP
    Náhlá ohrožení geomorfologickými katastrofami v České republice
    Návrh systému na podporu rozhodování a jeho využití v řízení protiotřesového boje při hlubinném dobývání
    New local seismological network in southern Bohemia
    A note on two-point paraxial travel times
    Odlišitelnost zemětřesení a umělých zdrojů podle seizmického záznamu
    Odnorodnaja magnitudnaja sistema Jevraziatskogo regiona dlja sejsmologičeskoj praktiki
    One-dimensional qP-wave velocity model of the upper crust for the West Bohemia/Vogtland earthquake swarm region
    Ongoing passive seismic experiments unravel deep lithosphere structure of the Bohemian Massif
    Orientations of recent principal stress axes in the Jeseníky region
    Oživení seizmické aktivity v širším okolí Opavy v roce 1993
    P- and S-wave anisotropy in the lithospheric mantle beneath the Tibetan plateau and Variscan belt of Central Europe
    Paleoplates Buried in Uppre Mantle and Cyclic Character of Subduction
    Paraxial ray methods in inhomogeneous anisotropic media: Initial conditions
    Particle velocity and frequency of seismic wawes generated by a cylindrical explosive source
    Passive seismic experiment mosaic - a pilot study of mantle lithosphere anisotropy of the Bohemian Massif
    Poradensko-informační centrum o vlivech hornické činnosti na životní prostředí
    Possibilities of assessing the zones of sudden outburst origin by the continuous convergence measurement method
    Preliminary results of b-values analysis from mining-induced seismic events
    Present Day Earthquake Activity of the Moravo-Silesian Region: (Registration by the HRMC, ZLHC and ZARC seismic stations)
    Present-day microseismicity of the eastern Sudetic Fault System and Plio-Quaternary development of the Upper Morava Basin
    Present-day seismicity of the South-Eastern Elbe Fault System (NE Bohemian Massif)
    Profiles of the Karlovy Vary granite massif in Western Bohemia determined from gravity and field observations
    The project "Geological model of western Bohemia in relation to the deep borehole KTB in the FRG" and some significant results
    Projevy seismo-tektonické aktivity v sv. části Českého masivu v období 2004-2005
    Properties of weak contrast PP reflection/transmission coefficients for weakly anisotropic elastic media
    Prosvěcování Země : seizmická tomografie odhaluje horké oblasti
    Proterozoic-Archean boundary in the upper mantle of eastern Fennoscandia as seen by seismic anisotropy
    Quantitative Analysis of Travel-Time Curves of Seismic Events in the Ostrava-Karviná Coal Mining District
    Radial profiles of temperature and viscosity in the Earth's mantle inferred from the geoid and lateral seismic structure
    Radon behaviour in spring water of Bad Brambach (Vogtland, Germany) in the temporal vicinity of the 1992 Roermond earthquake, the Netherlands
    Receiver Function Studien zum Aufbau der Erdkruste und des oberen Erdmantels unter dem westlichen Böhmischen Massiv : ein Beitrag zum BOHEMA-Projekt
    Recentní morfotektonika Vachšského příkrovu v severním Pamiru
    Recentní morfotektonika Vachšského příkrovu v severním Pamiru
    Refraction and wide-angle reflection seismic profiling
    Regional Earthquake Catalogue and Focal Regions in Central Europe
    Regional Fabric of the Deep Lithosphere in Central Europe from Seismic Anisotropy
    Relation of the wave-propagation metric tensor to the curvatures of the slowness and ray-velocity surfaces
    Relocation of earthquakes in West Bohemian/Vogtland subregions Lazy, Klingenthal and Plesná using the Master event method
    Relocation of the 2001 earthquake sequence in Aegion, Greece
    Resolution tests of global geodynamic models by travel-time tomography
    Role of crustal fluids in triggering the West Bohemia/Vogtland earthquake swarms: Just what we know (a review)
    The role of mantle-rooted structural discontinuities in concentration of metals. With an example from the Bohemian Massif set in the context of Central and Western Europe
    Rozvoj seismologie, inženýrské geofyziky a geotechniky : ostravské regionální konference seismologů, inženýrských geofyziků a geotechniků s mezinárodní účastí
    Rychlost kmitání povrchu v karvinské části hornoslezské pánve
    Second-order and higher-order perturbations of travel time in isotropic and anisotropic media
    Seismic activity after 2000 swarm and new results in the Western Bohemia/Vogtland Area
    Seismic activity in the Czech Republic in 2007
    Seismic activity in the Czech Republic in 2008
    Seismic activity in the region of northwest Bohemia
    Seismic activity in West Bohemia from 2001-2006
    Seismic activity of the Alpine-Carpathian-Bohemian Massif region with regard to geological and potential field data
    Seismic anisotropy - a method for studying the fabric of deep continental lithosphere. Three-dimensional lithospheric structure and its evolution through time (3-D pattern recognition)
    Seismic anisotropy beneath the Northern Apennines (Italy) : mantle flow or lithosphere fabric?
    Seismic Anisotropy: Comparison of Lab-, Logging, and VSP- Data
    Seismic anisotropy in continental upper mantle
    Seismic anisotropy of the lithosphere around the Trans-European Suture Zone (TESZ) based on joint analysis of body-wave data of the TOR experiment
    Seismic effects of the quarry blasts on the territory of Bohemia
    Seismic evidence of increased tectonothermal activity near the Oberpfalz deep continental drilling location (SE Germany)
    Seismic exposition of the West Bohemia spa region
    Seismic monitoring of the long-wall face No. 138704 at the Lazy Mine
    Seismic observations in the west Bohemian earthquake swatm region and their interpretation
    Seismic profiles for attenuation acceleration measurement
    Seismic Research into the Lithosphere of Central Europe
    Seismic section G-L
    Seismic tomography in civil engineering investigation
    Seismic velocity model in the vicinity of Eger Rift from dispersion of surface waves
    Seismic Velocity Structure of Mantle Lithosphere Beneath the Bohemian Massif
    Seismically active fracture zones related to the western segment of the Hellenic subduction
    Seismicity and seismic hazard in Poland
    Seismicity in a broader region of the North Bohemian Brown-Coal District (NBD) in 1982-1989
    Seismicity in the Area of Western Bohemia
    Seismicity in the Vogtland/Western Bohemia earthquake region between 1962 and 1998
    Seismological analysis demonstration of strong rockburst
    Seismological measurement in the Moravo-Silesian Region in 2003
    Seismological monitoring in Ostrava area
    Seismologically determined deep lithosphere structure in Fennoscandia : Toernebohm memorial meeting
    Seismometer SM3 as displacement sensor
    Seismotectonic analysis of the seismological measurements in the Kraslice network
    Seismotectonic Studies of the Bohemian Massif and the West Carpathians
    Seismotectonics of continental wedges overlying circum-Pacific subduction zones
    Seismotektonická analýza
    Seizmicita regionu ostravsko-karvinských dolů
    Sensor of rotational movement around vertical axis for seismic measurement
    Série otřesů z okolí Jevíčka (leden 1993) a tektonické otřesy z Nízkého Jeseníku (listopad a prosinec 1994) (24-21, Jevíčko)
    Shallow crustal structure of the Central Bohemian Pluton, Czech Republic, inferred from refraction measurements
    Shallow earthquakes: Shallower than expected?
    Shear wave velocities inferred from surface wave dispersion beneath the Příbram array in the Czech Republic
    Slopes stability of Žilina Water Plant
    Some aspects of the application of the Wiechert-Herglotz method to refraction data from Western Bohemia
    Some features of seismic waves observed in the territory of northern Moravia and Silesia
    Some Results of Geophysical and Drilling Investigations into Upper Lithosphere in Czechoslovakia
    Současné možnosti stanovení pravděpodobných příčin a mechanismů vzniku důlních otřesů
    Současný stav lokální seizmologické sítě v OKR
    Současný stav využívání regionálního diagnostického polygonu v OKR
    Spatial variations of seismic velocities within the deep lithosphere beneath the KTB-region
    Spatial variations of seismic velocities within the deep lithosphere beneath the KTB-region
    Special geophysical methods: Seismology
    Společné 3D (třírozměrné) seizmické měření, provedené Geofyzikou, Brno a ÖMV, Wien ve vídeňské pánvi mezi Lanžhotem a Rabensburgem
    Station correction of PATNET network for improvement of earthquake location in central part of Gulf of Corinth
    Statistical analysis of induced seismicity parameters in the Ostrava-Karviná Coal Basin with regard to the 3rd tectonic block of the ČSA Colliery
    Statistická studie prostorového rozložení ohnisek důlních otřesů v karvinské oblasti OKR
    Stratigrafie a stavba sedimentů spodního miocénu v čelní prohlubni na jižní Moravě a přilehlé části Dolního Rakouska
    Strojenije verchnej mantii central´noj časti Zapadnoj Jevropy po dannym o fazovych skorostjach poverchnostnych voln
    Struktura verchnej mantii v alpijskoj zone po dannym poverchnostno-volnovoj tomografii
    Study of the upper crustal structure on the territory of Bohemia using seismic waves from quarry blasts
    Subcrustal lithosphere of the Variscan foldbelt in Central Europe - a model derived from anisotropy of seismic wave velocities
    Subsequent Closure of Tethyan Basins as Recorded in West Carpathians
    The Sudetes as a Palaeozoic orogen in central Europe
    Surface waves dispersion curves of Eurasian earthquakes: the SVAL program
    Tectonic structure and seismic activity in West Bohemia swarm region
    Tektogeneze flyšového pásma a jeho podloží na území středomoravského bloku (východní Morava) (24-42 Kojetín, 24-44 Bučovice, 34-22 Hodonín, 25-31 Kroměříž, 25-33 Uherské Hradiště, 25-34 Luhačovice a 35-12 Strání)
    Tektonické otřesy z polské části Tater detekované na širokopásmových stanicích provozovaných Ústavem fyziky Země (2004-2005)
    Teleseismic observations from the Baltic Shield lithosphere beneath Sweden
    Teleseismic studies of the lithosphere beneath the Bohemian Massif
    Test of a mobile digital seismoacoustic equipment PATE in the environment of the Ostrava-Karviná Coal Field
    The testing of input data for the determination of rockburst focal mechanisms
    Texture controlled elastic anisotropy of amphibolites from the Kola superdeep borehole SG-3 at high pressure
    Thermal structure of the lower mantle
    Type analysis of seismological phenomena in the Ostrava-Karviná Coal Field registered at the regional diagnostic polygon Ostrava
    Účast geofyziků na 28. MGK
    Úkoly seizmologie v péči o životní prostředí
    Das "Underplatin-Modell", angewandt auf aktive Prozesse in der Unterkruste und im subkontinentalen Mantel unter dem westlichen Eger-Rift
    Upper crustal structure of the western Corinth Gulf, Greece, inferred from arrival times of the January 2010 earthquake sequence
    Utilizing of ultrasonic emission to the prediction of rock sample instability
    Validation of 3D synthetic seismograms based on the ray-Born approximation
    Verification the attenuation relations for seismic waves in the Bohemian Massif
    Vertically inhomogeneous models of the upper crustal structure in the West-Bohemian seismoactive region inferred from the CELEBRATION 2000 refraction data
    Vliv seismických dějů na činnost lázeňských pramenů
    Výzkum hlubinné stavby Českého masivu začíná
    The West Bohemian 2008-earthquake swarm: When, where, what size and data
    Western Bohemia eartthquake swarm area - what can we see in seismograms from local events
    The Western Carpathian rebus of the Penninicum: an approximation of Alpine model or reality?
    Western Eger (Ohře) Rift - control of near-surface tectonics by mantle junction of paleoplates
    Zemětřesení v jihovýchodní Asii otřáslo i krystalinikem Krušných hor
    Zemětřesení v Northridge
    Zemětřesení v Porýní
    Zemětřesení ve službách energetiky : seismika pomáhá těžit ropu a zemní plyn i čerpat geotermální energii
    Zemětřesné roje v západních Čechách
    Zemské bloky se pohybují i u nás
    Zpracování dat na seismickém polygonu DPB Paskov a.s.
    Zpráva o 15. kongresu Karpato-balkánské asociace
    Zur Erklärung der seismischen Anisotropie im oberen Erdmantel unter Mitteleuropa