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    20 lat tektoniki plyt w Sudetach
    Activity timing of the main tectonic systems in the Carpathian-Pannonian region in relation to the rollback destruction of the lithosphere
    Age constraints on the Cadomian evolution of the Teplá Barrandian unit (Bohemian Massif) through electron microprobe dating of metamorphic monazite
    Alpinská křídová deformace variské kůry v Západních Karpatech: výsledek subdukce a počínající kolise
    The Bohemian Massif and the NW Himalaya
    Campanian Grünbach Flora of Grünbach Flora of Lower Austria: preliminary floristics and palaeoclimatology
    The causal link between HP-HT metamorphism and ultrapotassic magmatism in collisional orogens: case study from the Moldanubian Zone of the Bohemian Massif
    The complex evolution of the Western Outer Carpathians: implications of flexure- and gravity modelling
    Constriction due to subduction: evidence for slab pull in the Mariánské Lázně complex (central European Variscides)
    Contrasting behaviour of subduced continental crust: Comparision of the French Massif Central and the Bohemian Massif
    Contrasting Early Carboniferous field geotherms: evidence for accretion of a thickened orogenic root and subducted Saxothuringian crust (Central European Variscides)
    Cyclic evolution of convergent plate margins indicated by time sequence of volcanism and subduction
    Čelná priehlbina Karpát na Morave: flexúrová panva a mechanizmus roztvárania piggy-back panvičiek na ždánickom a magurskom príkrove
    Deep lithospheric structure and hypogene metallogeny at convergent plate margins
    Deep structure, seismicity pattern and subduction generated concentration of metals in continental wedges overlying convergent plate margins
    Density Models of the Earth's Crust Along Seismic Profiles
    Deskově tektonická interpretace moravských a slezských variscid
    Discontinuous nature of the lower part of the South American Wadati-Benioff Zone in the Africa elbow region
    Discussion of the article "Indirect method for the age determination of Variscan pluton emplacement in the central part of the Bohemian Massif" by Jaroslav Dvořák
    Distribution of mineral deposits controlled by seismically active fracture zones in Andean South America
    The early tectonometamorphic evolution of the southern zone of Erbendorf-Vohenstrauss (ZEV, NW-Bohemian Massif, Bavaria) inferred from geochemical, radiometric, petrologic and structural characteristics
    Earthquake Occurrence as a Tracer of Magmatic Activity under the Earth's Surface
    Eclogite-facies metamorphism at the eastern margin of the Bohemian Massif - subduction prior to continental underthrusting?
    The effects of rheological decoupling on slab deformation in the Earth's upper mantle
    Die Eklogite des Erzgebirges
    Exhumation of the Saxonian Granulites in Germany
    Exotic Triassic Pelagic Limestone Pebbles from the Pieniny Klippen Belt of Poland : A Further Evidence for Early Mesozoic Rifting in West Carpathians
    Formation of amphibole and clinozoisite-epidote in eclogite owing to fluid infiltration during exhumation in a subduction channel
    From extension to compression: Late Miocene stress inversion in the Alpine-Carpathian-Pannonian transition area
    Garnet pyroxenite and eclogite in the Bohemian Massif: geochemical evidence for Variscan recycling of subducted lithosphere
    A general model for the intrusion and evolution of "mantle" garnet peridotites in high-pressure and ultra-high-pressure metamorphic terranes
    Geochemie zafrontového vulkanismu v Salvadoru
    Geochemistry of Calc-alkaline Volcanic Rocks in relation to deep structure of Ecuador and Southern Colombia
    Geochronology of Neogene magmatism in the Carpathian arc and intra-Carpathian area
    Geodynamic Evolution
    Geodynamical implications from the correlation of surface geology and seismic tomographic structure
    Geology and hydrocarbon resources of the Outer West Carpathians and their foreland, Czech Republic
    Hochplateaus: Das Tepla-Barrandium (Mitteleuropäische Varisciden)
    Inversion of the Carpathian Foredeep in Moravia: Reflection seismic evidence
    The Krakatau volcano 125 years after the catastrophic eruption (August 27, 1883)
    The KTB location and models of the crustal structure
    Lithospheric structure of the Carpathian Mountains, Pannonian basin and Eastern Alps based on seismic data
    Lower mantle thermal structure deduced from seismic tomography, mineral physics and numerical modelling
    Mineralogy and petrology of mafic blueschists from the Rýchory Mts. crystalline complex (West Sudetes, Bohemian Massif)
    Miocene development of the Carpathian arc and Pannonian Basin: subduction driven interaction of the Alps, Dinarides and Balkan lithospheric blocks
    Die Mitteleuropäische Kristallinzone - ein Überblick zu den Fakten
    Modelling Diverse Processes in the Petrogenesis of a Composite Batholith: the Central Bohemian Pluton, Central European Hercynides
    Neogene geodynamic history of the Eastern Carpathians
    Niekoľko poučení z globálnej tektoniky, postupne ustálených a použiteľných v podmienkách Karpát
    The Northern Part of the Izera-Karkonosze Block: Fragment of the Saxo-Thuringian Passive Margin
    Numerical model of heat flow in back-arc regions
    Oblique Neogene Subduction of the European Plate Beneath the Vienna Basin
    Paläozoische Hochdruck- und Ultrahochdruck-Metamorphite in Mitteleuropa und ihre Beziehungen zur variszischen Orogenese
    Paleoplates Buried in Uppre Mantle and Cyclic Character of Subduction
    Pattern and metallogenic consequences of deep rooted seismically active fracture zones in Sumatra and Java
    Peruvian flat slab: an alternative interpretation
    Petrogenesis of Variscan high-temperature Group A eclogites from the Moldanubian Zone of the Bohemian Massif, Czechoslovakia
    Petrologie, geochemický charakter a petrogeneze bazických zaobloukových vulkanitů ve východní Nikaragui
    Porovnávacie mikroštruktúrne štúdium mramorov a kvarcitov v serii Branné - reologický paradox
    Pracovní model tektonostratigrafického vývoje barrandienské oblasti
    Pre-Variscan metaigneous rocks of the Kłodzko Metamorphic Complex - a vestige of Cadomian subduction in the Central Sudetes, SW Poland
    Progress Report of Laboratory of Global Tectonics and Metallogeny Prague 1991-1993
    Quantitative textural and microstructural study of orthogneiss deformed during continental underthrusting: result of contrasting mineral rheologies and solid state annealing
    Recent geodynamic evolution of convergent plate margins and the reconstruction of fossil plate boundaries
    Regional Fabric of the Deep Lithosphere in Central Europe from Seismic Anisotropy
    Reliéf Národního parku Podyjí a jeho okolí jako styčné oblasti Českého masivu a Karpatské soustavy
    Resolving the Variscan evolution of the Moldanubian sector of the Bohemian Massif: the significance of the Bavarian and the Moravo-Moldanubian tectonometamorphic phases
    Seismic activity around and under Krakatau Volcano, Sunda Arc : constraints to the source region of Island Arc Volcanics
    Seismic anisotropy beneath the Northern Apennines (Italy) : mantle flow or lithosphere fabric?
    Seismically active fracture zones related to the western segment of the Hellenic subduction
    Seismotectonics of continental wedges overlying circum-Pacific subduction zones
    Seismotectonics of Continetal Wedges Overlying Circum-Pacific Subduction Zones
    Separate or shared metamorphic histories of eclogites and surrounding rocks? An example from the Bohemian Massif
    Sm-Nd isotope tracer study of UHP metamorphic rocks : implications for continental subduction and collisional tectonics
    Stop 2. The Mohelno peridotite: a fragment of suboceanic mantle in the Náměšť granulite
    Strain fabric of the upper mantle rocks and their emplacement into high-pressure granulite in the Kutná hora crystalline complex, Bohemian massif
    Subduction in the remnant Carpathian Flysch Basin
    Subsequent Closure of Tethyan Basins as Recorded in West Carpathians
    Supracrustal Structural Record of Plate Convergence
    Sympozium o genezi ofiolitů a o vývoji oceánické litosféry v Ománu
    A tectonic model for the Eastern Variscides: indications from a chemical study of amphibolites in the South-Eastern Bohemian Massif
    Tectonic processes in the Variscan belt of Europe: from collision to collapse
    Tectonometamorphic Evolution of the Velké Vrbno Unit - Evidence of Subduction of the Western Margin of the Silesian Domain
    Tektonika ucieczkowa i kliny terranowe Masywu Czeskiego
    Tertiary development of Carpathian-Pannonian region: crustal processe
    Tertiary subduction mechanism of the Carpathian-Pannonian region
    Thermal structure of the lower mantle
    Thermomechanical Modelling of Variscan orogenic Root System: Possible Sources for Moldanubian Metamorphism
    Topography of the Variscan orogen in Europe: failed-not collapsed
    U-Pb geochronologic evidence for the evolution of the Gondwanan margin of the north-central Andes
    Variscan A-Type Subduction in Southeast Part of Bohemian Massif
    The Variscan Belt in the Bohemian Massif
    Vertical extrusion and horizontal spreading of orogenic lower crust: a key exhumation mechanism in large hot orogens
    Vestiges of Cadomian back-arc environments in the Nové Město belt and the western part of the Orlica-Śnieżnik Dome
    Vulkanická aktivita v Kostarice
    Výsledky výzkumu hluboké stavby konvergentních okrajů litosférických desek a jejich využití pro rekonstrukci geologické historie
    Využití GIS při detekci neotektoniky na příkladu Vsetínských vrchů a okolí
    The Western Carpathian rebus of the Penninicum: an approximation of Alpine model or reality?
    Zródła współczesnych naprężeń tektonicznych w Europie Środkowej w świetle modelowań elementami skończonymi