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    svrchní karbon a perm Českého masivu
    Carboniferous and Permian noeggerathialean plants and their spores; preliminary report
    Carboniferous stratigraphy and development of the Erzgebirge Basin, East Germany
    A comparison of pecopterids from several European localities and Canada (Asturian-Stephanian)
    Cystosporites and Cappasporites-bearing lycopsid fructifications and their parent plants from the Bohemian coalfields, Czech Republic
    Division of Carboniferous lycospores
    Geografické podmínky vzniku povodní
    Knowledge of the Carboniferous and Permian actinopterygian fishes of the Bohemian Massif - 100 years after Antonín Frič
    Late Carboniferous tectono-sedimentary evolution and related terrestrial biotic changes on the North Variscan and Appalachian forelands, and adjacent paralic and continental basins
    The main fish communities of the limnic Permian and Carboniferous basins of the Czech Republic
    New Carboniferous insects from the limnic and paralic basins in the Czech Republic (Insecta: Palaeodictyoptera, Paoliida, Archaeorthoptera)
    New classification of the genus Cordaites from the Carboniferous and Permian of the Bohemian Massif, based on cuticle micromorphology
    New data on the osteology of the actinopterygian fish Amblypterus and the relationship between Amblypterus and Paramblypterus
    Paprskoploutvé ryby permokarbonských limnických pánví Českého masivu
    Peat-forming plant assemblages conserved in volcanic ash of the Whetstone Horizon (Bolsovian) in central and western Bohemia, Czech Republic
    Permian climate development in the northern peri-Tethys area - The Lodeve basin, French Massif Central, compared in a European and global context
    Permo-Carboniferous volcanism in late Variscan continental basins of the Bohemian Massif (Czech Republic): geochemical characteristic
    Psaronie, královny permokarbonu : aneb kapradiny trochu jinak
    Reconstruction of Cordaites borassifolius (Sternberg) Unger (Cordaitales) from the Radnice Basin (Bolsovian, Czech Republic)
    Report on revision of macrofloral record from the late Palaeozoic continental basins of central and western Bohemia and from the intra Sudetic basin
    Silicified wood from the Permocarboniferous of Eastern Bohemia, its preservation and mode of fossilization - application of modern instrumental analytical methods
    A structural reinterpretation of the enigmatic Carboniferous miospore Pteroretis Felix et Burbridge 1961 emend. nov.
    Vorerzgebirgs-Senke und Erzgebirge