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    ultrastruktura biologická
    The aquatic plants Salvinia (Salviniales) and Limnobiophyllum (Arales) from the Late Miocene flora of Sosnica (Poland)
    Aulacoseira hibschii (Reichelt) Houk comb. nov. (Bacillariophyceae, Centrales) from the type locality in Varnsdorf (Czech Republic)
    Bayeritheca hughesii gen. et sp. nov., a new Eucommiidites-bearing pollen organ from the Cenomanian of Bohemia
    The conifer Brachyphyllum squammosum from the Bohemian Cenomanian
    Cosmopolitan arthropod zooplankton in the Ordovician seas
    Doppellagige Kronenplatten: Ein neues anatomisches Merkmal paläozoischer Crinoiden und Revision der Familie Cupressocrinitidae (Devon)
    Early Miocene seeds of Schisandra moravica (Mai) Gregor from the Czech Republic
    The Eocene and Early Oligocene floras of the Russian Plain and their relation to the palaeofloras of Central Europe
    Eucommiidites: ultrastructure and affinities
    Fire-prone plant communities and palaeoclimate of a Late Cretaceous fluvial to estuarine environment, Pecínov quarry, Czech Republic
    Foliage of a broad leaved conifer Dammarophyllum from the Cenomanian of Bohemia
    Incisor enamel microstructure and its implications to higher-level systematics of Eurasian Oligocene and Early Miocene hamsters (Rodentia)
    An mabundant, but enigmatic, organic mesofossil from the Upper Cretaceous of the Czech Republic
    Manitouscolex, a new palaeoscolecidan genus from the Lower Ordovician of Colorado
    Mikromorfologická analýza exoskletonů konulárií (svrchní kambrium-pennsylvan)
    Orbaspina chlupaci sp. nov., a new siphonotretid brachiopod from the Silurian of the Barrandian area, Bohemia
    Phylogeny and relationship of some isoetalean spores from the Devonian to the present
    Pollen genus Eucommiidites: ultrastructure and affinities
    A reassessment of the taxonomy of Oligocarpia bellii (Late Pennsylvanian, Sydney Coalfield, Nova Scotia, Canada)
    Study of conulariid and related phosphatic conical exoskeletons from the Prague Basin (Czech Republic)
    Taxonomic implications and fossilization of tube ultrastructure of some Cenozoic serpulids (Annelida, Polychaeta) from Europe