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    vlny Rayleighovy
    Amplitude response of a LCR gravimeter with feedback at periods of microseisms and earthquake waves
    Amplitude spectra of surface waves generated by shot-hole explosions
    Analysis of short-period Rayleigh waves recorded in the Bohemian Massif area during CELEBRATION 2000 experiment
    Analytical partial derivatives of the phase- and group velocities for Rayleigh waves propagating in a layer on a half-space
    Interpretation of the dispersion curves of short-period Rayleigh waves observed in the West Carpathians
    Joint inversion of P receiver functions, Rayleigh and Love waves group velocities and gravity measurements in West Bohemia region
    Modifications of the Dispersion Relations for Surface Waves in a Layer on a half-Space
    Seismic velocity model in the vicinity of Eger Rift from dispersion of surface waves
    Strojenije verchnej mantii central´noj časti Zapadnoj Jevropy po dannym o fazovych skorostjach poverchnostnych voln
    Struktura verchnej mantii v alpijskoj zone po dannym poverchnostno-volnovoj tomografii
    Surface waves dispersion curves of Eurasian earthquakes: the SVAL program
    The Western Bohemia uppermost crust Rayleigh wave tomography