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    vrásnění kadomské
    Accretion of first Gondwana-derived terranes at the margin of Baltica
    The acid metavolcanic rocks of the Orlica-Śnieżnik Dome (Sudetes): their origin and tectono-metamorphic evolution
    Age constraints on the Cadomian evolution of the Teplá Barrandian unit (Bohemian Massif) through electron microprobe dating of metamorphic monazite
    Bazaltoidní žíly v lipovském granodioritu na Šluknovsku - terciérní či kadomské? (02-22 Varnsdorf)
    The Brno Batholith: an insight into the magmatic and metamorphic evolution of the Cadomian Brunovistulian Unit, eastern margin of the Bohemian Massif
    The Brno massif: geological setting
    The Brno massif: variscan reactivation of a Cadomian active continental margin
    The Brunovistulian: Avalonian Precambrian sequence at the eastern end of the Central European Variscides?
    Brunovistulian terrane (Bohemian Massif, Central Europe) from late Proterozoic to late Paleozoic: a review
    Cadomian and Variscan metamorphism in the Teplá Barrandian unit, northwestern Bohemian Massif: implications for the resetting of the U-Pb systematics in monazites
    Cadomian basement in the Bohemian Massif: relations to the Cadomian belt and implications for pre-Variscan plate kinematics
    The Cadomian Orogen: Neoproterozoic to Early Cambrian crustal growth and orogenic zoning along the northwestern periphery of the West African Craton
    Cadomian, Variscan and Alpine imprints in the Bohemian Massif
    Cadomian versus Variscan fabrics in the Desná dome basement rocks, East Sudetes
    Cadomian versus younger deformations in the basement of the Moravo-Silesian Variscides, East Sudetes, SW Poland: U-Pb SHRIMP and Rb-Sr age data
    Cambrian/Ordovician intracontinental rifting and Devonian closure of the rifting generated basins in the Bohemian Massif realms
    CETS-CTS Teplá: the post-conference excursion guide : Mariánské Lázně Complex and its relations to neighbouring metamorphic units
    Constraints on the timing of events in the multiepisodic history of the Teplá-Barrandian complex, western Bohemia, from integration of deformational sequence and Rb-Sr isotopic data
    The contact between the Variscan and Cadomian blocks in the Svratka Dome (Bohemian Massif, Czech Republic)
    The continuum between Cadomian orogenesis and opening of the Rheic Ocean: Constraints from LA-ICP-MS U-Pb zircon dating and analysis of plate-tectonic setting (Saxo-Thuringian zone, northeastern Bohemian Massif, Germany)
    Contrasting magmatic textures, joint patterns and emplacement features in granitic rocks of the Erzgebirge and the Lusatian Granodiorite Complex, Germany
    Conventional and in situ geochronology of the Teplá Crystalline unit, Bohemian Massif : implications for the processes involving monazite formation
    Coronitic metagabbros of the Mariánské Lázně Complex and Teplá Crystalline Unit: inferences for the tectonometamorphic evolution of the western margin of the Teplá-Barrandian Unit, Bohemian Massif
    Correlation of Neoproterozoic to Cambro-Ordovician rock units of the Ossa-Morena, the Central-Iberian and the Saxo-Thuringian Zones (Portugal, Germany)
    Cross-section Lausitz Block-Elbe Zone (Saxo-Thuringian Zone, Bohemian Massif, IGCP 497)
    Crustal structure of the eastern Variscides, especially of the Saxothuringian Zone (Erzgebirge - Mid German Crystalline Zone)
    Crustal structure of the western part of the Bohemian Massif, Czech Republic : A summary of the project "Geological model of western Bohemia, related to the deep borehole KTB in Germany"
    Day 1, stop 2: Roadcut N of Týřovice
    Death of super-continents and birth of oceans heralded by discrete A-type granite igneous events: the case of the Variscan-Alpine Europe
    Das Dohnaer Massif in der südöstlichen Elbezone
    Early Palaeozoic crustal melting in an extensional setting: petrological and Sm-Nd evidence from the Izera granite-gneisses, Polish Sudetes
    The eastern continuation of the Cadomian orogen: U-Pb zircon evidence from Saxo-Thuringian granitoids in south-western Poland and the northern Czech Republic
    The eastern termination of the Variscides: terrane correlation and kinematic evolution
    From Cadomian arc to Ordovician passive margin: geochemical records preserved in metasedimentary successions of the Orlica-Śnieżnik Dome in SW Poland
    Frühpaläozoische Plutonite im Bereich des Neukirchen-Kdyně-Massivs
    Geochemistry of the granitoid rocks of the Czech part of the Lusatian Granitoid Complex
    Geochronology of the crystalline basement of the Western Outer Carpathians' source areas - constraints from K/Ar dating of mica and Th-U-Pb chemical dating of monazite from the crystalline 'exotic' pebbles
    Geological map Lausitz-Jizera-Karkonosze and Muskau Arch Geopark as examples of cross-border cooperation of the national geological surveys of Poland, the Czech Republic and Germany
    Geologické poměry, kontaktní metamorfóza a mineralizace z. okraje jílovského pásma u štěchovické přehrady
    Geologie Horažďovicka
    Geologie novoknínské oblasti
    Geology of the Nový Knín area
    Geomorphological aspects of late Saxonian epiplatform orogeny of the Bohemian Massif. Part 1
    Georeliéf na bazických horninách svatokřížského masivu
    Die Gneise des Erzgebirges - hochmetamorphe Äquivalente von neoproterozoisch-frühpaläozoischen Grauwacken und Granitoiden der Cadomiden
    Introduction to the Pre- Symposium Excursion (part I): The Peri-Gondwanan Basement of the Saxothuringian Composite Terrane
    The Jílové Belt: A Late Proterozoic Volcanic Rift in Central Bohemia
    The Jílové Belt: A Neoproterozoic Volcanic Rift Zone in Central Bohemia
    K/Ar-Datierungen an detritischen Muskoviten - "Sicherungskopien" orogener Prozesse am Beispiel der Varisciden
    Kadomskie podloże Luzyc
    Kambrisches Rifting im Barrandium : geochemische Signaturen von klastischen Sedimenten und Vulkaniten
    Late Cadomian crustal tilting and Cambrian transtension in the Teplá-Barrandian unit (Bohemian Massif, Central European Variscides)
    Late Proterozoic-Paleozoic Tectonostratigraphic Development and Paleogeography of Brunovistulian Terrane and Comparison with Other Terranes at the SE Margin of Baltica-Laurussia
    The Lusatian Granodiorite Complex (northern margin of Bohemian Massif) - Cadomian peraluminous plutonism
    Magmatic history of granite-derived mylonites from the southern Desná Unit (Silesicum, Czech Republic)
    Magmatic history of granite-derived mylonites from the southern Desná Unit (Silesicum, Czech Republic)
    The Mariánské-Lázně Complex, NW Bohemian Massif: development and destruction of an early Palaeozoic seaway
    Metabasites in the Javornik area: comparison with mafic rocks from the Stronie Group of the Orlica-Śnieżnik Dome
    Metamorfní vývoj Želešického amfibolitového tělesa (brněnský masiv) : 24-34 Ivančice
    Das Moravikum der Thaya Kupel in Österreich - Lithologie und Metamorphose
    Moravikum dyjské klenby - kadomské předpolí variského orogénu
    More evidence on Neoproterozoic terranes in Southern Poland and southeastern Romania
    The nature of the lower crust and litospheric upper mantle of Variscan Europe - evidence from xenoliths, granitoids and sediments
    Nd-Sr-Pb isotopic signatures of Neoproterozoic-Early Paleozoic siliciclastic rocks in response to changing geotectonic regimes: A case study from the Barrandian area (Bohemian Massif, Czech Republic)
    Neoproterozoic Metaconglomerates of the Sedlčany - Krásná Hora Metamorphic Islet
    Neoproterozoic of the Teplá-Barrandian Unit as a part of the Cadomian orogenic belt: A review and correlation aspects
    New data on the Neoproterozoic-Cambrian geotectonic setting of the Teplá-Barrandian volcano-sedimentary successions: geochemistry, U-Pb zircon ages, and provenance (Bohemian Massif, Czech Republic)
    New geological mapping in the Czech part of the Lusatian Massif and its tectonic and geochemical implications
    Nowe dane o dynamice bloku górnośląskiego i małopolskiego na przełomie prekambru i paleozoiku
    On the significance of Gneissic Enclaves in the 500 Ma Metagranite, the Lądek-Snieźnik Metamorphic Unit, the West Sudetes
    Oskavská kra - příklad duplexové stavby na jv. okraji Hrubého Jeseníku
    Paleomagnetyzm kadomskiej intruzji ryolitowej i przecinającej ją żyły bazaltowej z kamieniołomu Želesice (masyw Brna)
    Petrogenesis, age and tectono-metamorphic evolution of the acid metavolcanites of the Stronie formation (Orlica-Śnieżnik Dome, Sudetes, SW Poland)
    Petrogeneze nasavrckého masívu
    Phanerozoic paleogeography of Central Europe
    Plate-tectonic evolution and paleogeography of the circum-Carpathian region
    Pre- Symposium Excursion, day 1, stop 4: Cadomian unconformity - Monumentenberg/Hohe Dubrau near Gross-Radisch
    Pre-conference field trip - elevator tectonics and magmatic activity along the Teplá-Barrandian/Moldanubian boundary (Bohemian Massif)
    Pre-Variscan metaigneous rocks of the Kłodzko Metamorphic Complex - a vestige of Cadomian subduction in the Central Sudetes, SW Poland
    The Precambrian history of the south-eastern Bohemian Massif
    Provenance implications of Th-U-Pb electron microprobe ages from detrital monazite in the Carboniferous Upper Silesia Coal Basin, Poland
    Provenance of chert-rich microconglomerates and pebbly siltstones from the Ediacaran Lausitz Group (Bohemian Massif, eastern Saxo-Thuringian Zone, Lausitz Block, Germany) revealing the formation of a Late Cadomian retro-arc basin
    Relics of an early-Panafrican metabasite-metarhyolite formation in the Brno Massif, Moravia, Czech Republic
    Saxo-Thuringia in the Variscan belt from a geodynamic point of view
    Saxothuringian provenance of suspected terranes in the Central Sudetes, Bohemian Massif: zircon evidence of a recycled subducted slab
    SHRIMP U-Pb zircon geochronology of the Strzelin gneiss, SW Poland: evidence for a Neoproterozoic thermal event in the Fore-Sudetic Block, Central European Variscides
    SHRIMP zircon ages from gneisses help locate the West-East Sudetes boundary (NE Bohemian Massif, SW Poland)
    Similarities between the Teufelsberg intrusion (southern Teplá-Barrandian, Bohemian Massif) and the massif-type anorthosites
    Single zircon ages and whole-rock Nd isotopic systematics of early Palaeozoic granitoid gneisses from the Czech and Polish Sudetes (Jizerské hory, Krkonoše and Orlice-Sněžník Complex)
    Sm-Nd isotope and trace element study of Late Peroterozoic metabasalts ("spilites") from the Central Barrandian domain (Bohemian Massif, Czech Republic)
    Sources, Emplacement Environments, and Metamorphic Evolution of Metagabbros in the Mariánské Lázně Complex and Teplá Crystalline Unit (NW Bohemian Massif)
    Structural profile through the Brno massif
    Structure of the Brunovistulian Unit (E part of the Czech Republic) on the basis of seismic and magnetic data
    Structurelle Entwicklung im Westteil der Zentralböhmischn Scherzone zwischen Klatovy und Rittsteig (Westböhmen, Tschechische Republik)
    Structures and metamorphism in metapelites of the Staré Město Belt near Bielice, the Sudetes, SW Poland
    Struktura prekambryjskiego podłoża wschodniej części bloku górnośląskiego (Brunovistulicum)
    Subduction-related shortening and differential exhumation in the Cadomian accretionary wedge : the Teplá-Barrandian unit, Bohemian Massif
    The Sudetic geological mosaic: Insights into the root of the Variscan orogen
    Terranes in the Sudetes: their division, boundaries and accretion
    Thermal history of the Paleozoic in the SE Bohemian Massif in respect to Variscan orogeny
    Thermochronology of the west Sudetes (Bohemian Massif): Rapid and repeated eduction in the eastern Variscides, Poland and Czech Republic
    Thick-skinned versus thin-skinned thrusting: Rheology controlled thrust propagation in the Variscan collisional belt (The southeastern Bohemian Massif, Czech Republic-Austria)
    Traces of the pre-Variscan tectono-thermal event in rocks of the Orlica-Śnieżnik Dome
    U-Pb dating of (meta)granitoids in the NW Sudetes (Poland) and their bearing on tectono-stratigraphic correlation
    U-Pb geochronology revealing different monazite generations in the polyphase paragneisses of the Teplá Barrandian Unit, Northwestern Bohemian Massif: Implications for the processes involving monazite formation
    U-Pb SHRIMP and Nd isotopic data from the western Bohemian Massif (Bayerischer Wald, Germany): Implications for Upper Vendian and Lower Ordovician magmatism
    U-Pb single grain dating of detrital zircon in the Cambrian of central Poland: implications for Gondwana versus Baltica provenance studies
    U-Pb zircon ages and structural development of metagranitoids of the Teplá crystalline complex: evidence for pervasive Cambrian plutonism within the Bohemian massif (Czech Republic)
    Úloha zlomových struktur ve vývoji středočeské oblasti
    Unidirectional solidification textures and garnet layering in Y-enriched garnet-bearing aplite-pegmatites in the Cadomian Brno Batholith, Czech Republic
    The Variscan basement of the Polish Sudetes
    Variscan dome structure of the Karkonosze-Izera Block (NE Bohemian Massif)
    Variscan vs Cadomian tectonothermal activity in northwestern sectors of the Teplá-Barrandian zone, Czech Republic: constraints from 40Ar/39Ar ages
    West African provenance for Saxo-Thuringia (Bohemian Massif): Did Armorica ever leave pre-Pangean Gondwana? - U/Pb-SHRIMP zircon evidence and the Nd-isotopic record
    West Bohemian Variscan structural development and its significance
    Der Westrand des Teplá-Barrandiums: Cadomis ches basement variscisch überprägt
    Zawidów granodiorite from the Lusatian massif in SW Poland
    Zircon ages and Nd-Sr isotopic data for granitoid rocks of the Lusatian Block, Saxony, and their geodynamic significance
    Zircon ages of high-grades gneisses in the eastern Erzgebirge (Central European Variscides) - constraints on origin of the rocks and Precambrian to Ordovician magmatic events in the Variscan foldbelt
    Zur tektonometamorphen Entwicklung der Zentralböhmischen Scherzone zwischen Svatá Kateřina und Rittsteig unter besonderer Berücksichtigung der Forschungsbohrung Rittsteig (Böhmische Masse)