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    Antimony content of macrofungi from clean and polluted areas
    Bioaccumulation of gold in macrofungi and ectomycorrhizae from the vicinity of the Mokrsko gold deposit, Czech Republic
    Bioaccumulation of silver in ectomycorrhizal and saprobic macrofungi from pristine and polluted areas
    Distribution of iron, cobalt, zinc and selenium in macrofungi
    Gold content of ectomycorrhizal and saprobic macrofungi - an update
    Lead isotopic signatures of saprotrophic macrofungi of various origins: Tracing for lead sources and possible applications in geomycology
    On the possible role of macrofungi in the biogeochemical fate of ofuranium in polluted forest soils
    Red-listed macrofungi in Central Bohemia (Czech Republic), with taxonomic notes on Entoloma mougeotii, Lentinellus ursinus and Pluteus phlebophorus
    Richness of ancient forest plant species indicates suitable habitats for macrofungi