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    Combined solar and QBO effects on the modes of low-frequency atmospheric variability in the Northern Hemisphere
    A comparative Pc1 case study applying two modes of ionospheric Alfvén resonator modeling
    Geochemical characterization of impact glasses from the Zhamanshin crater by various modes of activation analysis. Remarks on genesis of irghizites
    Modes of Occurrence of Sulfide Minerals and Chalkophile Elements in Several High-Sulfur Czechoslovakian Coal
    Probable modes of occurrence of chemical elements in coal
    Probable Modes of Occurrence of Chemical Elements in Coal
    Solar cycle effects on modes of low-frequency circulation variability
    Syn- to post-thickening extension in the Variscan Belt of Western Europe: Modes and structural consequences
    Utilization and analysis of multiple modes of failure for estimation of in situ stress magnitudes