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    From plains to shield: the making of a continent´s interior : Saskatoon 2002, May 27-29
    Hardrock hydrogeology of the Fennoscandian Shield : proceedings of the Workshop on Hardrock Hydrogeology, Äspö, Sweden, May 26-27, 1998
    Anisotropic lithosphere under the Fennoscandian shield from P receiver functions and SKS waveforms of the POLENET/LAPNET array
    Anomalously low heat flow density in eastern Karelia, Baltic Shield: a possible palaeoclimatic signature
    Comparison of the petrogeochemical characteristic of the rare metal granitoids of the Ukrainian Shield and Krušné hory Mts.
    Effects of seismic anisotropy on P-velocity tomography of the Baltic Shield
    Heat flow in the Baltic shield: results of the lithosphere geothermal modelling
    Perunica microplate: relation to Ukrainian Shield, mid-Bohemian rift, and hypothetic large-scale overthrusts in central Bohemia
    Stable calcium isotopic compositions of Hawaiian shield lavas: Evidence for recycling of ancient marine carbonates into the mantle
    Teleseismic observations from the Baltic Shield lithosphere beneath Sweden