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    Abandoned waste dumps and recent waste management in ruralvillages of south Moravia (Bulhary, Hlohovec, Lednice andValtice). Rural Geography and Environment. Rural Geography and Environment
    Compositional changes in fish scale hydroxylapatite during early diagenesis; an example from an abandoned meander
    Evaluation of present conditions of abandoned mining sites in consideration of their environmental impacts
    GIS Project to Monitor Induced Seismic Activity in Areas of Abandoned Underground Mines
    Integrated geophysical and atmogeochemical survey applied to abandoned soviet military areas contaminated by LNAPL in the Czech Republic
    Microgravity prospecting for voids in an abandoned coal-working field
    Mine Water Stratification at Abandoned Mines and its Geochemical Model
    Mineralogical and geochemical controls on the release of trace elements from slag produced by base- and precious-metal smelting at abandoned mine sites
    Oxidation of the arsenic-rich concentrate at the Přebuz abandoned mine (Erzgebirge Mts., CZ): mineralogican evolution
    The problems with an identification of the abandoned dumps and a possible impact of their existence on landscape and area planning
    Vibration Effect of Earthquakes in Abandoned Medieval Mine
    Želešice - abandoned quarry