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    Inhomogeneity of geological sample quantified by X-ray spectrometry and atomic absorption spectrometry. Comparison of the results (poster)
    Acoustic absorption of geopolymer/sand mixture
    Carbon dioxide adsorption and absorption and their connection with composition of coals from the Upper Silesian Basin, Czech Republic
    Combined isotherm of adsorption and absorption on coal and differentiation of both processes
    Determination of coal surface area from CO2 isotherm with correction on absorption
    Direct determination of boron and zirconium in ceramic materials by flame atomic absorption spectrometry after alkali sintering and fusion
    Laboruntersuchungen der Gastrocknung mit Hilfe von Adsorption und Absorption
    Local structure of iron in tectites and natural glass: An insight through X-ray absorption fine structure spectroscopy
    Study of partially disordered structures of natrolites by means of infrared absorption spectra
    Time variations of absorption
    Time variations of absorption
    Water absorption and dilatation of bentonites and montmorillonite-rich clays