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    Advanced Materials Research
    Advanced Mineralogy. Volume 1 - Composition, Structure and Properties of Mineral Matter: concepts, Results, and Problems
    Advanced physical geodesy and gravimetry
    Fractography of Advanced Ceramics
    Fractography of Advanced Ceramics III (Key Engineering Materials Vol .409)
    Numerical Mathematics and Advanced Applications. Proceedings of ENUMATH 2003 the 5th European Conference on Numerical Mathematics and Advanced Applications, Prague, August 2003
    Proceedings of the International Conference on Advanced Materials and Technologies. 3
    Theophrastus' Contributions to Advanced Studies in Geology
    Theophrastus Contributions to Advanced Studies in Geology. 2
    Theophrastus' Contributions to Advanced Studies in Geology, Volume II
    Topical Workshop on Virtual Reality and Advanced Man-Machine Interfaces. Volume 9B
    Calibration of an advanced soil constitutive model for use in probabilistic numerical analysis.
    Experimental studies on interactions of molten LiFNaF salt with some candidate structural materials for components of advanced nuclear reactors
    Advanced Science Letters
    Science of Advanced Materials