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    4th European conference on Protection against radon at home and at work
    5th Conference on Protection Against Radon at Home and at Work
    Protection of mechanical systems in the mining industry against the impact of high energy
    Third Eurosymposium on Protection against Radon - Proceedings
    (1924) Proposal to conserve the name Cupressinocladus against Libocedrites (fossil Coniferophyta)
    Conceptual geochemical models of groundwater chemistry against aquifer mineralogy (Stephanian-Autunian sedimentary rocks, the Intra-Sudetic basin, SW Poland)
    Control volume method for hydromagnetic dynamos in rotating spherical shells: Testing the code against the numerical dynamo benchmark
    The different metamorphic evolution of HP rocks of the Gföhl unit in Kutná Hora Crystalline Complex against in Moldanubian Zone in Austria
    Dynamic modelling at integrated monitoring sites - Model testing against observations and uncertainty
    Dynamic modelling at Integrated Monitoring sites - Model testing against observations and uncertainty
    Experience with the Czech approach to preventive measures against radon - analysis of failures
    Facies against the global isotope control
    Facies against the global isotope control (C and O isotopes, Devonian reef margin, Moravia)
    Geologists against the Destruction of Natural Environment
    Strengthening of longwall gate support against dynamic effects of rockbursts in coal mines
    Transfer factor and ineffective measures against radon