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    X-ray diffraction analyses of samples from cave fills in Slovenia
    27Al Magic Angle Spinning-Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (MAS-NMR) Analyses Applied to Historical Mortars
    Analyses and cathodoluminescence imaging & spectroscopy on petrified wood - palaeoenvironmental significance
    Analyses of acoustic emission and underground tremor time series from Rockburst hazardous areas of Ostrava-Karviná mines
    Analyses of Acoustic Emission and Underground Tremor Time Series from Rockburst Hazardous Areas of Ostrava-Karviná Mines
    Barrandian of the Prague Basin: Field Observations, Analyses and Numerical Simulation of Petroleum Generation-Migration
    Chemical analyses of granitoids of the west Carpathians
    Chemical and Isotopic Analyses of Fluid Inclusions in Variscan and Post-Variscan Fluorite and Barite Occurrences in the Erzgebirge Mountains, Vogtland, Thuringia Mountains and Harz Mountains, Germany
    Combined neutron texture and magnetic analyses on "undeformed" clays: The origin of tectonic lineations in extensional basins
    Constraints on Sm-Nd diffusion rates from laser ablation ICP-MS analyses and conventional dating of prograde garnets
    Current methods and future trends in testing, durability analyses and provenance studies of natural stones used in historical monuments
    Debris flow events reconstruction on tree-ring analyses (a case study from the Eastern Sudetes Mts)
    Department of textural and chemical analyses
    Detection of changes in the Chira and Piura lower - catchment's areas, Sechura desert - Peru, based on spatial and spectral analyses of multitemporal Earth observation data
    Determination of cuttability of coal measures rocks using their mineralogical and petrographical analyses
    Electron microprobe analyses of moldavites
    Electron microprobe analyses of silicates and oxides
    Functional groups and elemental analyses of cuticular morphotypes of Cordaites principalis (Germar) Geinitz, Carboniferous Maritimes Basin, Canada
    A general scheme of treatment of black shale samples and some results of X-ray analyses of oriented rock silices
    Geodetic and geophysical analyses of Diendorf-Čebín tectonic zone
    Identification of magnetic particulates in road dust accumulated on roadside snow using magnetic, geochemical and micro-morphological analyses
    Isotopic analyses and origin of CO2 in some Moravian caves
    K.R.O.S. - a new recalculation of chemical analyses for determining quantitative mineral composition of the intermediate igneous rocks
    LA-ICP-MS heavy metal analyses of fish scales from sediments of the Oxbow Lake Certak of the Morava River (Czech Republic)
    Laser ablation MC ICP-MS analyses of iron meteorites
    The magnetic fabric in undeformed clays: AMS and neutron texture analyses from the Rif Chain (Morocco)
    Microdisplacements analyses in the natural underground spaces
    Neutron and photon activation analyses and PIGE in search of parent materials for moldavites and other tektites
    NORMAN, a QuickBasic programme for petrochemical re-calculation of whole-rock major-element analyses on IBM PC
    On Li-bearing micas: estimating Li from electron microprobe analyses and an improved diagram for graphical representation
    The origin of tectonic lineation in extensional basins: Combined neutron texture and magnetic analyses on "undeformed" clays
    Paleodiet inferred from Ursus spelaeus ROSENMÜLLER et HEINROTH tooth from Tmavá skala cave (Slovak Republic) using carbon isotope analyses
    Petrographic and microthermometric analyses of fluid inclusions in rock crystals: systematic approach to a selection of provenance of artefacts, an example from Silesia
    Petrographic and microthermometric analyses of fluid inclusions in rock crystals: systematic approach to a selection of provenance of artefacts, an example from Silesia
    Pollen analyses from early and late medieval town of Prague
    Pollen analyses of the Kobeřice creek alluvial deposits
    Preliminary Results Obtained from Strong Ground Motion Analyses of Iranian Earthquakes
    RECAL program - quantitative phase analysis of soils based on X-ray diffraction and chemical analyses combination
    Recent geodynamic and geomorphological analyses of the Diendorf-Čebín Tectonic Zone, Czech Republic
    Relation Between Volatile Components and Loss on Ignition as Applied to the Analysis of USGS Reference Devonian Ohio Shale SDO-1 and Rare Earth Element Analyses
    The results of paleostress analyses in the eastern parts of the Nízký Jeseník and the Drahany Uplands
    Results of the Simple Stress Analyses of Micro-earthquake Focal Mechanisms in the Area of Western Bohemia
    Retrospective analyses and future predictions of snowmelt-induced acidification: Example from a heavily impacted stream in the Czech Republic
    Selected analyses of the morphostructure of the NE part of the Rychlebské hory Mts (Czech Republic)
    Selected analyses of the morphostructure of the NE part of the Rychlebské hory Mts. (Czech Republic)
    Significance of isobaric interferences in Hf isotopic analyses of geological samples
    Stress Analyses in the Epicentral Area of Nový Kostel (Western Bohemia)