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    Rock Fragmentation by Blasting. Proceedings of the 10th International Symposium on Rock Fragmentation by Blasting
    Analysis of seismic events induced by blasting operations in the opencast mine
    Impact of destress blasting on stress field development ahead of a hardcoal longwall face
    Investigation on seismic signals for blasting in quarries
    Large-hole blasting test in the Jakubčovice nad Odrou guarry
    Long-hole destress blasting for rockburst control during deep underground coal mining
    Rockbursts provoked by destress blasting in hard coal longwall mining
    Seismic effect of destress rock blasting
    Spectral Analysis of Blasting Performed in Shallow Tunnel
    Study of selected cases of destress rock massive to rock blasting
    A Survey of Blasting Efficiency
    System of Rock Blasting in Boreholes Diameter more than 100 mm as a Rockburst Prevention Measure
    Systems of Rock Blasting as a Rockburst Measure in the Czech Part of Upper Silesian Coal Basin