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    Supplementary Cementing Raw Materials from the Hanover Block, western Jamaica : initial report
    Acid in Situ Leach uranium mining - 2. Soviet Block and Asia
    The Age Determination of Slightly Metamorphosed Sediments (the Block Zone) from the Malé Karpaty Mts. on the Basis of Palynostratigraphy
    Alpine Molasse Basins as a Mirror of Genesis and Development of Block Structure in the West Carpathians
    Analysing the rock failure in the Karviná block of the Ostrava-Karviná Coal district using the method of the planar extension coefficient
    Basites in northern part of the Izera-Karkonosze block: A magmatic record of early Devonian rifting of the Saxo-Thuringian passive margin and its subsequent subduction
    Block accumulations in the western part of the Podyjí National Park (Czech Republic) : preliminary analysis of their distributions
    Block dynamics of the west Carpathians
    The Brzeg-Nysa shear zone: an example of Variscan transpression in the easternmost part of the Fore-Sudetic Block
    The Carbonatization of Blastomylonites - an Example from the Oskava Block, Jeseníky Mts.
    Contrasting metamorphic paths in the SE part of the Karkonosze-Izera block (Western Sudetes)
    Critical review of acid in situ leach uranium mining. 2., Soviet Block and Asia
    The experience with the excavation of the seam 37 in the Block No. 4, Jan Karel mine in Ostrava - Karvina coalfield
    (Fe,Mn)-(Ti,Sn)-(Nb,Ta) oxide assemblage in a little fractionated portion of a mixed (NYF + LCT) pegmatite from Piława Górna, the Sowie Mts. block, SW Poland
    Gneiss protolith ages and tectonic boundaries in the NE part of the Bohemian Massif (Fore-Sudetic Block, SW Poland)
    Internal structure of the granite and tonalite intrusions in the Strzelin massif, Fore-Sudetic block, SW Poland
    Intracrustal manifestations of the basalt layer in the development of the moravian block
    The Izera-Karkonosze Block and its tectonic development (Sudetes, Poland)
    Late Paleogene Stress Field, Tectonic and Sedimentation in the Bakony and the Western Carpathians (North Pannonian Block); a Response to Oblique Collision
    Low grade mylonitisation of granitic rocks: the case of the Oskava block, Slilesicum
    Mesozoic stratigraphy of NW El Salvador (western margin of the Chortis block)
    Microcrack orientation from Czerniawa sevtion (Izera-Karkonosze block, SW Poland) as a paleostress indicator
    Mid-Cimmerian, Early Alpine and Late Cenozoic orogenic events in the Shotur Kuh metamorphic complex, Great Kavir block, NE Iran
    Mid-Crustal Emplacement of the Třebíč Durbachite: a Result of Interplay between Compressional and Wrench Tectonics due to Block Rotations
    Miocene Faulting and Block Rotation (Malé Karpaty Mts.,Brezovské Karpaty Mts.)
    Model and Field Studies into the dynamics of Block Slope Structure Formation
    New findings on the deep structure of the southeastern slopes of the Bohemian Massif ("southern section"- Němčičky block)
    New geothermobarometry data from the Gory Sowie Block and the Orlica-Snieznik Dome, Sudetes
    The Northern Part of the Izera-Karkonosze Block: Fragment of the Saxo-Thuringian Passive Margin
    Petrogenesis of continental mafic dykes from the Izera Complex, Karkonosze-Izera Block (West Sudetes, SW Poland)
    Preconditioners for Some Matrices of Two-by-Two Block Form, with Applications, I
    Preliminary Data on the AMS Fabric in Crystalline Rocks from the West/East Sudetes Contact Zone in the Fore-Sudetic Block - Structural Implications
    Progressive regional metamorphism of the Izera block, western sudetes (Poland)
    Proterozoic and Palaeozoic crustal components across the East/Central Sudetes boundary at the eastern margin of the Bohemian Massif: new U/Pb and Pb/Pb single zircon ages from the eastern Fore-Sudetic block (SW Poland)
    Provenance of chert-rich microconglomerates and pebbly siltstones from the Ediacaran Lausitz Group (Bohemian Massif, eastern Saxo-Thuringian Zone, Lausitz Block, Germany) revealing the formation of a Late Cadomian retro-arc basin
    Quartzites of Polish Part of the Žulová Pluton Mantle and Vysoká Hole Nappe (Fore-Sudetic Block)
    Radon and tectonics in Stráž block (Northern Bohemia, uranium mining district Hamr na Jezeře)
    Response to Comment on Preconditioning of matrices partitioned in 2 2 block form: Eigenvalue estimates and Schwarz DD for mixed FEM
    Role of the pre-Mesozoic Mont-Blanc massif in the Alpine frontal collision: tilting of the basement block
    The Saxothuringian/Moravosilesian Boundary Duplex Structure in the Fore-Sudetic Block
    SHRIMP U-Pb zircon geochronology of the Strzelin gneiss, SW Poland: evidence for a Neoproterozoic thermal event in the Fore-Sudetic Block, Central European Variscides
    SHRIMP Zircon Geochronology of the Neoproterozoic Strzelin Gneiss: Evidence for the Moravo-Silesian zone Affinity of the Strzelin Massif, Fore-Sudetic Block, SW Poland
    Slope block movements at the edge of Mužský plateau near Dneboh
    Some aspects of the distribution of the block accumulations in Western part of Podyjí National Park
    Statistical analysis of induced seismicity parameters in the Ostrava-Karviná Coal Basin with regard to the 3rd tectonic block of the ČSA Colliery
    Superimposed compressional and extensional tectonics in the Karkonosze-Izera Block, NE Bohemian Massif
    Syn-collisional extension in the West/East Sudetes boundary zone (NE Bohemian Massif): structural and metamorphic record in the Jegłowa Beds from the Strzelin Massif (East Fore-Sudetic Block)
    Tectonic of slopes with large block landslides on the NE margin of the Bohemian Massif
    Tectonic transport directions in the Izera block (West Sudeten)
    The Teplá-Barrandean block in Devonian and Early Carboniferous times: Ski Resort or Beach Club?
    U-Pb isotope geochronology and geochemical characteristics of the rocks from Voltuš area in the Rožmitál Block, Czech Republic
    Variscan deformations of the basement and of its Devonian cover - the case of the Oskava block (Jeseníky Mts., Czech Republic)
    Variscan dome structure of the Karkonosze-Izera Block (NE Bohemian Massif)
    Variscan metamorphic core comples from the NE part of the Bohemian Massif (Strzelin crystalline massif, Fore Sudetic Block)
    Variscan metamorphism of the Sudetes and the Foresudetic block
    The Variscan overthrust of the Lower Palaezoic gneiss unit on the Cadomian basement in the Strzelin and Lipowe Hills massifs, Fore-Sudetic Block, SW Poland; is this part of the East-West Sudetes boundary?
    Zircon ages and Nd-Sr isotopic data for granitoid rocks of the Lusatian Block, Saxony, and their geodynamic significance