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    Calculation of a set of correlation coefficients using sine functions as a method for determining signal periodicities
    Calculation of basic constants of Microlog - theory and interpretation
    The calculation of hydraulic Conductivity of Sands according to their Granularity
    The calculation of hydraulic conductivity of sands according to their granularity
    Calculation of nutrient retention in European catchments applying a standard tool: EUROHARP-NUTRET
    Calculation of reserves in a lignite deposit by kriging and its comparison with classical calculation methods
    Calculation of the slowness vector from the ray vector in anisotropic media
    Control of atmospheric CO2 concentrations by 2050: A calculation on the emission rights of different countries
    Critical loads of trace metals in spils [i.e. soils]: a method of calculation
    Deterministic Aspects in the Probabilistic Hazard Calculation
    Earthquake Hazard Inputs for a Seismic Risk Calculation
    The Effect of selecting a proper interpolating method on the accuracy of reserves calculation of a coal deposit.
    Evaluation of Molar Volume Effect for Calculation of Diffusion in Binary Systems
    How to introduce regional and local geological structures to an earthquake hazard calculation using the artificial intelligence methods
    How to Introduce Regional and Local Geological Structures to an Earthquake Hazard Calculation Using the Artificial Intelligence Methods
    Mapping of Acid deposition Effects and Calculation of Corrosion Costs on Zinc in China
    On overestimation of displacements in numerical calculation of zoned dams