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    The Basal Chotec Event in neritic sequences of the Prague Basin and the Graz Palaeozoic compared
    Characterization of weakly deformed limestone from Chotec, Bohemia by neutron transmission
    Early Middle Devonian (Eifelian) phytoplankton bloom associated with the Basal Chotec Event in the Barrandian area (Czech Republic)
    Environmental changes close to the Lower-Middle Devonian boundary; the Basal Chotec Event in the Prague Basin (Czech Republic)
    Geophysical record of the Middle Devonian Basal Chotec event in Perigondwanan, Laurussian and Central Asian terranes: possible global pattern reflecting palaeoclimatic record
    Long-distance correlation of Basal Chotec Event sections using magnetic susceptibility (Barrandian-vs-Nevada) and lateral and vertical variations in fine-grained non-carbonate mineral phases
    A Middle Devonian Radiolarian fauna from the Chotec limestone (Eifelian) of the Prague Basin (Barrandian, Czech Republic)
    A Middle Devonian radiolarian fauna from the Chotec Limestone (Eifelian) of the Prague Basin (Barrandian, Czech Republic)
    The precise position and structure of the Basal Chotec Event: lithological, MS-and-GRS and geochemical characterisation of the Emsian-Eifelian carbonate stratal successions in the Prague Syncline (Tepla-Barrandian unit, central Europe)
    Precise position of the Basal Chotec event and evolution of sedimentary environments near the Lower-Middle Devonian boundary: The magnetic susceptibility, gamma-ray spectrometric, lithological, and geochemical record of the Prague Synform (Czech Republic)