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    An attempt of seismic hazard evaluation based on the extracted deposit amount at the Doubrava Colliery (Czechoslovakia)
    Contemporary methological technical experience from operation of the seismoacoustic monitoring system in the ČSA Colliery in Karviná
    The first experience and results in the application of the GMS-92 Geomechanical Monitoring System at the Doubrava Colliery, the Ostrava-Karviná Coalfield (the Czech Republic)
    Mechanism of rockbursts from ČSA Colliery, Ostrava-Karviná Coal Basin (Czechoslovakia)
    Microseismic noise and disturbing vibrations at the surface locality of the ČSA Colliery. 37. 37
    Mineralogy of recently formed sublimates from Kateřina colliery in Radvanice, Eastern Bohemia, Czech Republic
    Statistical analysis of induced seismicity parameters in the Ostrava-Karviná Coal Basin with regard to the 3rd tectonic block of the ČSA Colliery