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    Large-Scale Scientific Computations of Engineering and Environment Problems 2. Proceedings of the Second Workshop on "Large-Scale Scientific Computations" Sozopol, Bulgaria, June 2-6, 1999
    First-order ray computations of coupled S waves in inhomogeneous weakly anisotropic media
    First-order S-wave ray computations in inhomogeneous weakly anisotropic media
    Large scale parallel FEM computations of far/near stress field changes in rocks
    Linear system solvers based on space decompositions and parallel computations
    MPI and open MP computations for nuclear waste deposition models
    Parallel computations of thermo-elasticity benchmark problems: comparison of MPI and OpenMP based program codes
    Parallel PCG Solver for Nonconforming FE Problems: Overlapping of Communication and Computations
    The Quality of Meshes and FEM Computations
    Using DCT/DCE In Parallel Rotor Computations