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    Advanced Mineralogy. Volume 1 - Composition, Structure and Properties of Mineral Matter: concepts, Results, and Problems
    The Mediterranean Tethys and the development of new concepts of top-down tectonics: 32nd Int. Geol. Congr.,Abs. Vol., pt.1, CD,
    Barrande's stratigraphic concepts, palaeontological localities and tradition - comparison with the present state
    Electromagnetic spacecraft used for magnetic navigation within asteroid belt, mining concepts and asteroid magnetic classification
    Endogenous mineralization in the Bohemian massif in relation to global-tectonis concepts: confrontation of geophysics and metallogeny
    Exhumation of high-grade rocks in the Saxo-Thuringian Belt: geological constraints and geodynamic concepts
    Iron mineralogy of mine-drainage precipitates as environmental indicators: review of current concepts and a case study from the Sokolov Basin, Czech Republic
    New Concepts and Technologies in the Earth Sciences
    On the present concepts about the origin of continental sedimentary basins
    Remediation concepts of uranium mining operations in central and eastern Europe - EU Phare Programme
    New Concepts in Global Tectonics Journal