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    Proc. International Workshop on Constitutive Modelling - Development, Implementation, Evaluation, and Application
    3D Modeling of an NATM Tunnel in High K0 Clay Using Two Different Constitutive Models
    Calibration of an advanced soil constitutive model for use in probabilistic numerical analysis.
    Capability of constitutive models to simulate soils with different OCR using a single set of parameters
    Constitutive relations in geotechnics using optimization
    An evaluation of constitutive models to predict the behaviour of fine-grained soils with different degrees of overconsolidation
    Graphical representation of constitutive equations
    A hypoplastic constitutive model for clays with meta-stable structure
    Impact of a constitutive model on inverse analysis of a NATM tunnel in stiff clays
    The influence of a constitutive model on predictions of a NATM tunnel in stiff clays
    Problem-oriented constitutive modelling of geomaterials
    Properties and simpli fi cations of constitutive time-discretized elastoplastic operators