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    12th International Conference on Jet Cutting Technology - Applications and Opportunities
    Abrasives for AWJ Cutting
    Fullerenes from solid bitumen accumulations in pillow lavas cutting black shale formation of Precambrian age (Mítov, Bohemian Massif).
    Application of high-pressure-water-through bit for rock cutting: Laboratory experiments
    Concrete and rock cutting using modulated waterjets
    Concrete repair and cutting using pulsating water jets
    Cutting efficiency of partners abrasives according to UGN methodology
    Cutting process of hard rocks and water jet assistance
    Effect of technology of Rock samples cutting on samples strength properties
    Hard rock cutting systems and techniques
    Hard Rock Cutting systems and techniques
    High energy liquid jet assistance of Rock cutting process
    High pressure abrasive jet cutting using linear stepping movement
    High pressure water jet assistance of hard Rock cutting Process
    Influence of properties of Garnet on cutting process
    Influence of the transition area on efficiency of the water jet cutting
    Interaction of grains with water jet - the base of the physical derivation of complex equation for jet cutting of rock materials
    Material Abrasive Water Jet Cutting Investigation by Means Accompanying Physical Phenomena
    Measurement of Fine Grain Copper Surface Texture Created by Abrasive Water Jet Cutting
    The measurement of the velocity of abrasive particles at the suction part of the cutting head
    Methodology of Determination of Cutting Efficiency of Abrasive Materials in Abrasive Water Jet Cutting
    Methodology of determination of cutting efficiency of abrasive materials in abrasive water jet cutting
    Modulated jets for ornamental stone cutting
    Monitoring of Focusing Tube Wear During Abrasive Waterjet (AWJ) Cutting of AISI 309
    Physical Model of a High Energy Liquid Jet for Cutting Rock
    Possibilities of utilization of modulated jets in rock cutting
    Potential of ultrasonically Modulated Pulsed Water Jets for Cutting of Metals
    Proposition of a Solution for the Setting of the Abrasive Waterjet Cutting Technology
    Pulsating water jets: a tool for dimension stone cutting
    Research into Critical State of Cutting Tools
    Research into cutting tool development and process of wear
    Research into the "critical state" of rock cutting tools.
    Rock Cutting
    Rock cutting by pulsing water jets
    Study of high pressure water Jet Hard Rock cutting
    Techno-economical comparison of cutting material by laser, plasma and oxygen
    Testing of Commercial Cutting Heads for Abrasive Water Jet Technology
    Testing of industrial types of abrasives for abrasive water jet cutting
    Testing of Mineral types of abrasives for abrasive water jet cutting
    Visualisation of Abrasive Particles in Suction Part of Abrasive Cutting Head
    Water jets in dimension stone cutting and surface treatment
    Waterjet-assisted Rock Breakage with Cutting Tools