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    Atmospheric pollution by bismuth, antimony and lead since the Bronze Age in Central European lake cores dated by 210Pb and 14C
    Dated speleothems of the non-karst caves in the Polish Flysch Carpathians and their relations to climatic changes during the Late Glacial-Holocene
    Historical rates of atmospheric Pb deposition using 210 Pb dated peat cores: corroboration, computation, and interpretation
    Historical rates of Pb deposition using Pb-210 dated Sphagnum peat cores: acid-insoluble ash as a corroborative and interpretive tool
    Karst processes from the beginning to the end: How can they be dated?
    Proto-Geological Map dated 1806 by Stanislaw Staszic and its role in the early 19th century process of modern geological map contexture
    Sedimentary and volcanic events in the Teplá-Barrandian crustal segment (Bohemia) as a response to dated intracrustal processes