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    Late Variscan uplift of Southern Bohemian Massif deduced from paleomagnetic data
    Lower mantle thermal structure deduced from seismic tomography, mineral physics and numerical modelling
    Timing of the Variscan orogeny in the Southern Bohemian Massif (NE-Austria) deduced from new U-Pb zircon and monazite dating
    Variscan Polyphase Tectonothermal Development in the South Krkonoše Complex (W-Sudetes, Czech Republic) Deduced by AR-AR Age Determinations
    Variscan polyphase tectonothermal record in the West Sudetes (Bohemian Massif) - deduced from Ar-Ar ages
    Vertical crustal movements as deduced from temporal gravity variations and its correlation to seismic hazards in Egypt