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    Analysis of geodetic surveying on the margin of subsidence depression
    Analysis of horizontal movements accompanying development of subsidence depression in non-trivial geo-mechanical conditions
    Bánovská kotlina Depression (northern part of the Danube Basin); Neogene stratigraphy and geological development
    Calcareous nannoplankton of the Paleogene of Domaniža depression (West Carpathians)
    Causes of Height Changes on Margin of Subsidence Depression
    Evaluation of vertical and horizontal movements in the subsidence depression near Karviná
    The Expansion of Coal Mining in the Depression Areas - A Way to Development?
    The first finding of Rupelian nannoflora in the Turčianska kotlina depression
    Foraminifera as environmental proxies of the Middle Miocene (Early Badenian) sediments of the Central Depression (Central Paratethys, Moravian part of the Carpathian Foredeep)
    Foraminifers and microbiostratigraphy of Central-Carpathian Paleogene of Bánovská kotlina depression
    GPS monitoring of subsidence depression progress on undermined area
    The Hercynian molasse and younger deposits in the Intra-Sudetic Depression, SW Poland : studies in Geology of the Sudetes
    The importance of the evaluation of horizontal shifts to monitor the subsidence depression
    Lower Miocene sedimentation in the area of Jablonica depression : a model bound to oblique-slip mobile zone
    Lower Westphalian coal-bearing deposits between Slupiec and Ścinawka Średnia in the intrasudetic depression
    New Bryozoa from the Sarmatian (Middle Miocene) deposits of the Cerna-Strei Depression, Romania
    Observation of heights on the margin of subsidence depression
    Observation of subsidence depression by modern geodetic methods
    Organic matter and clay minerals as indicators of thermal history in the Transcarpathian depression (East Slovakia Neogene Basin and the Vienna basin)
    The preglacial fluvial deposits in the southern part of the Upper Nysa Depression, central Sudetes Mts, southwestern Poland
    Progress of Subsidence Depression monitored by GPS
    Resistivity changes of rock massif on the margin of subsidence depression
    Rock Masiff Changes near the Margin of Subsidence Depression
    Tectonic research in Dobrá Voda depression, Western Carpathians (Slovakia)
    Trace fossils from the Gaara Depression (Iraq)
    Upper volcanic layer in the NW part of the Kladno Depression (Upper Carboniferous, Kladno Basin)