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    Remote sensing field guide - Desert, Army engineer Topographic Laboratories Fort Belvoir, VA and U. S. Geological Survey Flagstaff, AZ, 1985-1991
    Application of the Czech landscape research experience in the desert environment to support archaeological study
    Czech Landscape Experience Transfer into Desert Environment to Support Archaeological Research
    Detection of changes in the Chira and Piura lower - catchment's areas, Sechura desert - Peru, based on spatial and spectral analyses of multitemporal Earth observation data
    Eolian phenomena in sandstones and limestones of Egyptian Western Desert and their implications for Central European sandstone relief
    Geochemical soil survey in the Western Desert of Iraq
    Geology and petrology of sediments of the Western Desert area, Iraq
    Geology of Cretaceons formations in the Rutbah area, Western Desert, Iraq
    An inoceramid bivalve tentatively assigned to the group of Inoceramus pictus from the Upper Cenomanian of Egypt (Galala Formation, Wadi Qena, central eastern Desert)
    Microbial colonization of halite from the hyper-arid Atacama Desert studied by Raman spectroscopy
    Mineral chemistry and genesis of Zr, Th, U, Nb, Pb, P, Ce and F enriched peralkaline granites of El-Sibai shear zone, Central Eastern Desert, Egypt
    The Miniaturized Raman System and Detection of Traces of Life in Halite from the Atacama Desert: Some Considerations for the Search for Life Signatures on Mars
    A New Genus and Species of Discoglossid Frog from the Upper Cretaceous of the Gobi Desert
    New information on biostratigraphy of the Western Desert sediments, Iraq
    Palynological investigation of the Late Paleozoic deposits from borehole K 5-2 at Rutba in the Western desert of Iraq
    Rock pictures (petroglyphs) near Qasr Muhaiwir Iraqui western desert
    Spectral mineral mapping utilizing high altitude and ground-based spectroradiometry: Case studies from Sokolov open-pit mine, Czech Republic, and Sechura desert, Peru