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    The 12th International Conference on Problems of Material Engineering, Mechanics and Design
    Adtive Geotechnical Design in Infrastructure Development: Proceedings of the XIIIth Danube-European Conference on Geotechnical Engineering
    Design and Diagnostics of Electronic Circuits and Systems 95 (DDECS 95). Proceedings of Seminar
    Materials, Functionality of Design
    Optimal design of materials and structures
    Porušování a design materiálu. Sborník semináře Křehký lom 2007
    Prediction, analysis and design in geomechanical applications
    Stanovisko k Dokumentaci EIA záměru "Plán otvírky, přípravy a dobývání lomu Bílina na období 2010 - 2030". Zpracovatel DOKUMENTACE: Ing. Jiří Rous, Terén Design, s.r.o., Teplice
    Víceúrovňový design pokrokových materiálů - 2008. Sborník doktorské konference
    Assessment of maximum earthquake intensities and design response spectra for localities in Czech Republic
    Assessment of maximum earthquake intensities and design response spectra for localities in Czech Republic
    Back Analysis for effective design of bolt reinforcement - A case study for design of shaft
    Catchment-Scale Acidification Reversal Experiment at Gardsjön, South-west Sweden - Assessment of the Experimental Design
    Consequences of incorrect design and unqualified realization on reliability and effectiveness of radon reduction measures
    Design and construction of knowledge ontology for thematic cartography domain
    Design and Tuning of Linguistic Descriptions for LFLC
    Design Aspects and Fracture Behaviour of Titanium Alloy Artifical Hip Implant
    Design for a filler of an intervertebral cage for spine treatment on the basis of fibers and particulate composites
    The Interpolation of the Control surface preparated by the linguistically oriented design
    Micro-structural reliability design of brittle materials
    The optimal shape design method applied to modelling thermal thinning of the oceanic litosphere near hot spots
    Soil processes and functions in critical zone observatories: hypotheses and experimental design
    CAD. Computer Aided Design, počítačová grafika a CA.. technologie
    Materials & Design